Westminster Dragoons in Jerusalem, 1917

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Yellow_Devil, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. On a recent visit to Jerusalem, I dropped into the cafe of the Anglican church in the Old City (just next to the Jaffa Gate). The cafe has a small museum dedicated to the community's history which includes a selection of items used by Allied Forces when they captured the city in 1917.

    To my surprise, the memorabilia included saddles, waterbottles etc as used by the Australian Light Horse "which took the city". I thought that the WDs were the first to enter the city and so was puzzled as to their absence (and mention of any other UK/Indian forces) from the display. Enquiries at the cafe got me no further.

    Is this another example of the British Army being airbrushed, Mel Gibson-style, out of history?
  2. After the keys were handed to the Mayor by the Turks, he with a crowd of notables and the keys in his hand tried to surrender them to the British Forces. He chanced on 2 wandering cooks from the 20th Londons, who wouldn't have anything to do with him.

    Then he found 2 Sgts of the 19th Londons who didn't know what to do. Next came 2 RA Majors who went off for advice. Lt Col Bayley RFA accepted the keys and chatted for a while before Brigadier-General Watson 180th Bde entered the City with a Gunner escort.

    Finally Maj Gen Shea GOC London Div arrived and accepted the surrender of Jerusalem, after having permission of Gen Chetwode. Then the 10th Austrailian Light Horse was ordered into the City.
  3. Sounds a lot like my Sqn on exercise. :D

    why did I think the WDs were in the mix?
  4. Who hasn't been similarly ignored by cooks?. However, in future I will plead that I'm not the Mayor of Jerusalem
  5. From Allenby's obituary in Time magazine - battle of the egos among senior ranks as usual:

  6. WDs were the first around the Mount of Olives chasing Turks east of Jerusalem with the Welch Div. They were kept bay near the city by machine gunners on the Mount.