Westminster Camping Club

We visited London Town at the weekend for the Annual Gathering on Remembrance Day.

Enjoyed a very good weekend with fellow Falklands Veterans and their families.

On Saturday we visited the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey and was amazed to see the pavement opposite Parliament full of two & three man tents, with signs protesting about many things though mainly "Troops OUt", although I didn't see any protestors, must have all gone out for the afternoon!

I thought this Camping Club had been closed down a while ago by Mayor Boris, indeed the main camping field was fenced off.

Is it legal to camp in a twoman tent on the Streets of London, if so why did I pay so much for a hotel for two nights. If I had paid the congestion charge could I have parked my caravan on the green by MOD Building and saved myself a lot of walking?

Personally I think it is disgusting that these tents are permitted to remain outside the "Mother of Parliament" in full view of visitors from all over the world, what must they think of us eh?
Some seem to be pitched on Pallets, surely Boris can afford a Fork Lift to pick them up and take them for a little drive, (Westminster Bridge is only 100 yds away)

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