WESTLANDS TEST : powers of deduction


Westlands announce laying off of hundreds of workers and shutting down Weston Super Mare plant;

"MAY I NOW ANNOUNCE............................."

"THE FUTURE BLUH WILL BE...................(a)"

Instructions for use:

Insert "Lynx" at (a)
As we all know, it will be a 'cut and shut' of what we already have, a Sierra with a body kit and an exotic name. Do you think that the way this company have gone about the whole affair has been 'a bit convinient'? they know the result right from the start.

I've just read the post briefing report of their (IPT) responses to questions from the corps. I have never read so many contradictions in my life. The answer to one question is totally the opposite to another!
I'll see what clas it is and see if I can go any further.
A freaking joke written by people who know they can't do anything wrong in the eyes of the govn't and that they WILL be bailed out by sheding a few crocodile tears.

Have we ever had a bit of new kit that has never been but out to open tender? I don't think so. We always tend to buy British, but at least the noises made give the pretense that other companies can compete. If Wastelands was a car company, they would have died with British Leyland, if not sooner! :'(
Check out the Wastelands web site www.gknwhl.co.uk
When you finally manage to find a reference to Lynx Mk 7 and battlefield Lynx they have put a picture of a Lynx HAS 8 (sea lynx for you confused battlesperm drivers).

If they dont know what there own kit looks like what hope have they got!

Evenin` Flash, hows Bob?
Fine thank you Onya, yourself? My Bobs fine, and yours?

At least in Communist China, they are allowed to chose their own bike. :-/

Free commerce and capitalism, I love it!

Why is there only one monopolies commision? ???
Had dinner with a former MD of Wastelands. 7.62 finger was loaded and made ready. Very informative. I'll have to agree that the Mod pay peanuts........you know the rest.  Kind of seen Wastlands in a different light (well nearly). They are the easy scapegoat though.

If you went to a car dealer and said "I have 400 quid to spend on the best car you have", said car dealer would give you 400 quids worth! An Escort Mk II with a history of ram raiding in Stockport! Peanuts/monkeys scenario! Although we could have played a couple more cards but that would be political. After all, the Army players who argued had a vested interest in the Company as no doubt their CV's would be on their personel dept's desk in the near future!
The Army has no part in political arguments. Hang on, we have bloody big guns. Martial rule, overthrowing and all the other stuff that we shouldn't talk about!

We will always fly the lowest bidders bit of kit (unless your on the AH prog!).
(Note to self; do we need that many Longbows? Start another thread).

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