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Hello to all, was wondering if someone could tell me were i could get my hands on any pictures of the Scout in Northern Ireland between 1978-1982? Much appreciated if anyone can help.


Its a shame we dont learn and use that whip anymore..... We just have to stick with an antenna that gets snapped off every time a cab is ground handled
That whip had snags too - very easy to take an eye out if you were in a rush to get in out of the rain, and ISTR someone forgetting it was extended when parking-up.
Flash, a bit off topic,but I saw this last night on telly and thought it may interest you, flying around Germany with a 30 ft 10 bladed circular-saw, cutting branches off trees next to power lines (!) I should imagine its an uncomfortable job for a Pilot with that hanging off, 2m away from 40000V power lines.

YouTube - ‪Helikoptersäge, Baumchirurgie Saller‬‏
**** me its a fighting knife for a wokka for when rockets and chainguns just dont say die motherfucker enough a giant circular saw will:)


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The dick antenna was for the old Larkspur B 45/47 VHF fitted at the time, the Heliteli Antenna was hung out of the stbd door, we only had the one and it was taken away for use at Princess Anne's wedding I seem to remember


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FFS I had forgotten just how f@cking huge that piece of crap was, the yellow and black thing being the Antenna
"the yellow and black thing being the Antenna"

The Antenna which was extended below the cab and then some times retracted on landing, or sometimes not.
Memory says we had a spare 'Shear Pin' hanging in the line office so when cab returned for a quick refuel and failed to retract, a very quick change could be done and paper work sorted out later.

Cab is a 660 Sqn AAC scout 1975 at Long Kesh.
Cabs from all over.
9 Regt was used as collection point for all Scouts from Sqns converting and these last 4 flew back together.
Same thing happened when Gaz replaced Sioux, Minden was used as collection Sqn and lucky me was with both units.
Why lucky, well no OC LAD was returning cabs from his unit in Sh1t order and folks had been less keen to sort out their stuff before sending back from BAOR to UKLF.
So Slim Will got to do an unserviceable amount of Husbandry.

Yeah we had done a 9 Regt OP Banner trip with Lynx by then.

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