Westerns spitoon

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smudge67er, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. Western, this is for you.

    Next time you read a thread, any thread, and feel like hitting the "reply" or "quote" button DON'T!

    Pop in here instead, and reply to the threads you read in here. It's your very own happy place.

    That way you will keep ARRSE flowing nicely, the threads on track, and without sucking the life out of the internet you narcissistic, self deluded waste of rations.
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  2. 'm going to stalk you now, just because it makes you angry you tosser.
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  3. Would someone be very lovely and summarise western for me in 15 words or less? It would help to contextualise some of the eloquent abuse thrown his way.
  4. monkey cunt piss flap touched as a child
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  5. Here you go

    me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me and me
  6. Western you complete and utter retard, do you have nothing better to do than ruin articles
  7. First Great Western...

  8. Unlike your good self who sheds knowledge & understanding everywhere you crawl, you fucking verruca.
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  9. Cnut, Cnut, Cnut, Tosser, Cnut, Cnut, Tosser, Cnut, Cnut, Cnut, Cnut, Cnut, Cnut, Cnut, spunk guzzling badger fcuker.
  10. I've sent you a little heart because i'm feeling the love for this post.
  11. The entries were impressive but target_stop's was fastest, most descriptive and under-budget. I'm still left in the dark as to western's history... or dare I not tread there?
  12. You are not of my beloved Corps. Your idea of bottom field is the cold and lonely patch of grass where your Father tickled your perinium with his Regal Kingsized flavoured tongue.
  13. I highly recommend putting Western on your Ignore List, 'cos it's like a scene from Aliens. Ripley and the kid have been locked in the lab with the chestbursting beastie on the loose, and Ripley is hammering on the glass desperately, but to no avail.

    Unfortunately, Western is unlikely to have a dirty great alien penis deep-throat him and impregnate his diaphragm.
  14. I think that's the way ahead. He clearly doesn't get the hint does he.
  15. No, indeed not. I can see the amusement value in baiting the nasty little creature, but I'm off to bed. I shall dream up a haiku by morning. Goodnight western.

    Top marks for sneering at crow bag's battle injuries, you despicable creep.