Anybody from Didcot to Kineton .........
If youre bored this weekend and interested in how swords were really used in Europe from the 1300's to 1900. The British Federation for Historical Swordplay has its annual contest this weekend at the Gosford and Kidlington Leisure centre near to Oxford. (These people are not reinactors but train and fight using the original European manuals)

Punching, kicking, and throws are taught concurrent with using the sword (if they get close enough.)

Ladies are most welcome , last year some of the guys were glad they had there cricket box on.

The event closes on Sunday afternoon with three contests:

Longsword ( like Aragon in Lord of the Rings)
Single stick (Backsword -( English civil war)/ scottish braodsword basket hilted sword)
Rapier (Three Musketeers type weapon)

There is also a class on English quaterstaff ( No Robin Hood or little John).

Details and programme can be found at :


Military application - some groups practice pugulism ( bare knuckle boxing /wrestring) - any body who wants to learn how to hit with a riot stick would find it useful.

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