Westdown Camp

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Slates, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. Yes loads there is even a local strip joint

  2. No its bonk, pack your travel scrabble

  3. the only thing to do is pack 20 boxes of kleenex and a few copies of razzle and abuse yourself till

  1. Hey guys, need a little info on what there is to do around westdown camp, i have been before however i spent the whole two weeks out on the area, is there any civilization around that area? where is good for a night out?

    Many thanks
    Slates :D
  2. is this really got any worthwhile contribution to the naafi?
  3. You're joking aren't you...??

    You DO know where Westdown Camp is, don't you...??

    There are 2 pubs and a British Legion (as I recall) in Tilshead, though it has been a few years.....Enjoy
  4. Nearest settlement is the village of Tilshead which is not the same as finding the closest signs of civilisation.
    Avoid anyone with a pointy head, remember to count the number of fingers the locals have and watch out for banjo players.
  5. Santa your wrong unfortunately

    the pubs are in Tilshead but the Legion is in Shrewton (and its a working mans now not a legion!)

    Westdown has nice views, and that’s it
  6. excellent, razzle it is then!
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Only one pub now in Tilshead, Black Horse has closed, Rose and Crown still going.

    (Help me, I must get a life soon!)

  8. As the man in the orthopedic shoe said, “I stand corrected”
  9. Get yourself doon the road ta Salibury Canny lad!
  10. how far away is that then? we are talking taxi rides here and HMF doesnt pay me all that much :cry:
  11. About the only entertainment you will find in that area is by paying one of the village idiots 10 pence and a shiney balloon to teabag your mates if they make the mistake of falling asleep. :lol:
  12. :( The only thing I ever managed to do at Westdown was catch foot-rot - even the clap would have been preferable- (more specifically the pre-amble to catching clap but no such luck). The fact that it was foot-rot of Westdownian origin only added to the misery.
  13. In Kabul......?? Doubtful. The OWP doesn't quite stretch to that mate

    What was on anyway..............???
  14. Heh...I work at Westdown Camp...and you are right there is Feck all to do there!!