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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by diffg88, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. I have been told to book a train arriving before 10:00, there is one arriving at 09:58 - but I need to be at AOSB by 10:30. The email said to get a taxi from the station, to someone who has been before - what is a sufficient time margin?
  2. You will be fine with that train. There are always cabs parked up outside and Leighton House is a 2minute drive from the station.
  3. IIRC I got the 9.58 train. The taxi drivers are well used to shipping candidates to the AOSB so expect there to be a car waiting for you. Also you'll find that there'll be a fair few of you getting off of that train so group together with a few others and go up there in the one taxi, then it's as simple as getting the fare back when you get there.
  4. Hey diffg enjoy your briefing. Get your forms back sharpish to get a date for main board. I did my briefing in mid August, (cat1 so no imposed time delays) and my main board is in February because of paperwork errors and miscommunication between my sponsor and AOSB and general length of wait at the moment. I am gutted, still loads of training / preparation time. Anyone else heading for a main board soon?
  5. When I went for my briefing, I strolled merrily off the train and straight into a taxi. I did aim to be a bit earlier than required, in case trains were playing silly buggers. As it happened, they were, and my first was canceled. Still got there in plenty of time, which meant tea and biscuits!
  6. Yes I suppose I don't want to look really disorganised if my trains get some kind of delay and everyone else has booked ones arriving before 10:00!

    August to February? Fuuck thats a long time, mine has been moving quite slowly as I submitted forms last spring and have just got AOSB, but after the first interview my sponsor said to keep telling them I am a May 2011 candidate....though maybe even that would be a bit fine as I don't have main board dates.....not to get ahead of myself!
  7. Why not get an earlier train and stop off for a cup of tea and a paper when you get there. Arrive refreshed and relaxed....................Just a thought
  8. Diffg I can't remember where on here it is, but there is a thread I was looking at recently with a link to when you have to pass Main Board by to get on the May intake. It was the 24th of Jan if I remember right; I know it was end of January anyway. I was gutted as my Main Board was Feb. 14th so I am hoping that May isn’t full otherwise I could be looking at September intake.
  9. JC110, they've changed all that so you can get into an RMAS intake much later than before if there is still space.
  10. The last board for a May intake is 11-14th April.

  11. On my list of dates it claims Board 2404 18 - 21 Jan 2011 is the last board for May intake
  12. They've changed it. Speak to your ACA or someone at Westbury and they will confirm what OCS001 and I have said.
  13. It doesn't matter, managed to get my dates a week after briefing in October and booked onto the 11th Jan Board
  14. That is a very quick turn around. Not that I want to provide you with any doubt but are you sure you definitely feel 110% ready for Main Board? If you are then fair enough, the best of luck but I know many people who have rushed to get there to waste one of their two attempts.

  15. How long is the gap normally between briefing and mainboard?

    Yes arriving earlier would be a good option but the only one is arriving at 09:00, so will prob pick the one that gets in slightly before but is a slower train.