Westbury CFCB 080

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by massiah, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. Pass

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  2. Fail - encoraged to return

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  3. Do not grace our doors again!!

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  1. For all those of us that attended the CFCB 080. How did we get on and to continue what im sure will be an endless debrief!

    Orange 63
  2. msr

    msr LE

    What does CFCB stand for?

  3. Cadet Force Commission Board from memory?

    They do 7 or 8 a year looking at the AOSB calendar.
  4. Orange 61 here, will let you know as soon as I do :)
  5. Hello all, orange64 here and to let you all know I was successful!!

    Fingers crossed to you all and was great to meet everyone!
  6. come on orange 61 you hat jacket swinger you must have passed ,they would only need to have taken one look at that tweed jacket

  7. Congrats Orange 64!!!!! Did you find out by post or via your CEO?
  8. Well done 64 :) great news
  9. For God's sake Massiah, if you're going to put photos of yourself in uniform on the net, at least wear it correctly - that lanyard is a bloody disgrace!

    You do the ACF no favours with attention to detail like that!
  10. Mr Flashman,

    Not being of a military background or for that matter the royal artillery (Was an engineer as a cadet) when i changed badge i wrote to Larkhill/Woolwich and asked for a copy of the royal artillery dress regulation.

    I shall quote from page 5-E-5 of Annex E to part 5 "Designation of other ranks articles of dress and accoutrements" under the heading "lanyard white No.1"

    "White plaited lanyard as issued. Worn by SSgts and below with No.2 dress on the right shoulder and the knot at the front in line with the upper seam of the breast pocket and drawn tight. With no pocket on the women’s jacket, the tail is secured around the cord and hidden under the armpit"

    So in riposte to your comment would suggest that the lack of attention to detail is in fact yours and perhaps next time you will be less hasty try belittle someone who is clearly "in the right".

    I think this highlights why many members of the ACF stay away from this site!
  11. hi, white 74 here.

    i Passed!!

    good luck to everyone else
  12. Afer a very late post, i also recieved good news! Hope everyone else goes the same way!

    Orange 63
  13. Well guys, looks like i'm the only one that didn't get through!
    It was good to meet you all, good luck everyone.
  14. NO WAY!!!!

    Did they not see your jacket and the way you walked! It had officer written all over it!!!
  15. I KNOW! what can I say? tossers!