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Last week, I took up on a recommendation from this forum to go to Redwood Lodge before my main board. However, I personally found it a rubbish B & B!

The room was like a LLewelyn-Bowen nightmare. The landlady was annoying as hell, way too mumsy and patronising. We didn't get on.

I also thought I would get my own room, considering it is the civllian B&B part of the trip and I was paying for it. She makes you share and doubles her profits.

Just thought I'd balance up the feedback, so you know what you are in for. I stayed at the Cedars before my briefing, a proper hotel.
Shut your trap :) ...Sandy is f*cking awesome and 95% of 'her boys' love it. I stayed there for both my RCB Brief and my main board. She has everything you need in stock if you forgot to pack something. 30-35quid for a full evening meal, cooked breakfast, lively banter and albeit kitsch decor. She is a star and I would recommend Redwood to all.

Did you pass? Did you sign her "goodluck visitors book"?

Fair enough brocky. If you enjoyed it, I'm happy for you.

She did not offer us a cooked breakfast because she said we shouldn't have one. I didn't want one anyway, but usually you are not told what to eat when you are paying!

I did pass by the way, delighted!!

I won't be sending her a goddamn card either...


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I didn't pass. But I would definately go there again. I agree with Brocky - she's an absolute star! She encourages a nice atmosphere between the guys who go there and sends you off well.

I recommend her B+B wholeheartedly. :)
The breakfast is there if you want it..but probably like you I couldnt manage a thing on that morning :) I suppose I knew what I was coming to as I'd stayed with her at my brief.

Congrats on the pass dude.


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Why don't you p1ss off back to the playground and talk about this where it belongs!!!!!

If thats the attitude you have young man, why dont you try subscribing to one of the other more fitting forums and you can talk about what you link in here when you actually fit the criteria!

I hate 2 things in this world, gobby kids and redarses..... you Sir, are both!
Didn't actually mean this to be a whole new thread.

It was my first post. I was in the RCB queries/comments thread and meant it to be a post in there, I pressed the newtopic button in error.

If the moderator is around, could this thread be pasted in to the RCB bit where it belongs?

Ta very much.
Must agree...a bit of a w@nky thread..but i must stand up for Sandy, i went there before my briefing, and will be going there for my main board in october.Yes..the decor is kitsch...however, you go to your board knowing someone, as you eat together, and go to the pub together, and means that you are less nervous as a result. Admittedly, i did have to share my room, but get over it, its for one night, and technically, we aren't paying for it in the end. I was 17 when i went for my breifing, and her "mumsy" atttitude was more than welcome.. get off her back(not in that way)
yinbig said:
If the moderator is around, could this thread be pasted in to the RCB bit where it belongs?

The word you require is "deleted", Rupert to be.

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