Westboro church gets trolled brilliantly

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. A charity founder bought a house opposite the Westboro Baptist Church headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, so he could protest against the group and celebrate homosexuality by painting it in rainbow colors today.
    Aaron Jackson, 31, who founded Planting Peace which supports orphanages in the developing world, decided the paint-job would be the perfect counter protest to the organization who are known for their 'God Hates Fags' placards and anti-gay preaching.
    The two bedroom house, which cost $81,000, now sits proudly re-colored directly opposite the founding base of the non-affiliated group which describes itself as a 'church'.

    Read more: Now that's pride! Man buys 81,000 house opposite homophobic Westboro Baptist Church headquarters so he can re-paint it with the colors of the gay rights rainbow flag | Mail Online
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    Brilliant the tossers who attempt to picket military funerals and others now have a lovely rainbow painted house to look at every time they step outside.fabulous :)
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  2. I wouldn't call that trolling. I'd call that biting. Publicity is what they're all about.
  3. I thought the leader of the church Fred Phelps looked familiar...



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  4. Tis a shame that the Connecticut school shooter hadn't visited Westboro instead. If he had, I think most of us would have had a little smile on our faces.
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  5. BH We pulled this sort of trick a few years ago. Police had tried their usual Harassment first warning trick to try to intimidate people into dropping complaints. Police were sent copies of two more complaint letters and invited to bypass the written warning stage and come round to try making an arrest. An unlawful arrest. Heard no more. Police bottled.

    A man, call it Mr Fibs. had allegedly helped police to trump up the first warning visits for harassment. These visits have no status in law. Plod draws up all sorts of guff to put on their records then has to black out all sorts of details when you get a copy under Data Protection Act. Usual new age policing bollocks. Police when the intimidation failed then bottled out of follow up. Time to go to property auction and buy a row of properties for renovation right opposite the home of Mr Fibs. Sure enough Plod came around that road wondering why we were wandering about there. My mate pointed them to Mr Fibs minibus. Bald tyres and no tax "Do something useful while you here mate book that Mr Fibs or is me telling you harassment of the poor beggar eh ?" Plod drives off burdened with the right hump.
  6. True. It's as though these ******* spree shooters have no sense of social responsibility at all.
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  7. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Congratulations. It took you until the 5th post to morph this thread from a church in Kansas to a diatribe about the Kent police.

    Anyone would think you had something against them....

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  8. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Some of the sect's virgins are a bit tasty, though... shame grampa - who clearly has some 'issues'/a sore arse in the past has brainwashed them beyond reach.
  9. He we go knocknee me old fruit. The CPS guidelines in relation to warnings and the fact that one is not needed under the protection from harassment act.

    Police Information Notices to Suspects about potential offences under the PHA
    There is no concept of official 'warnings' under the PHA. However, there are some circumstances in which it can be useful to inform a suspect verbally and/or in writing that their alleged actions may constitute an offence under the Act. Examples of such circumstances include the following:

    the suspect may be genuinely unaware of the provisions of the PHA and that their actions may constitute a criminal offence, or they may try to use such ignorance as an excuse for their activity;
    there may only be evidence of a single act causing the victim harassment, alarm or distress meaning that the notifiable offence of harassment has not occurred (in that a course of conduct has not been proven);
    there is evidence of a course of conduct, but the victim is unwilling to support a prosecution and there are other elements of the case which mean that we have decided not to continue with the prosecution.
    In all these examples, early intervention by use of a police notice to the suspect could be sufficient to prevent further harassment. Even if further harassment has not been prevented, the delivery of the notice could be relevant evidence in the future to prove that an individual knew their conduct amounted to harassment. The benefits of a police notice are:

    to ensure members of the public are aware of the requirements of the criminal law, in particular the PHA;
    as part of an early police intervention to contribute to preventing the escalation of disputes between individuals and/or further incidents of behaviour which could amount to harassment;
    to assist any future prosecution by proving that the offender knew their conduct could amount to harassment under the PHA;
    to provide a response when a complainant does not wish to support a prosecution.
    However, it is important to note that issuing a police notice is not required for a prosecution to commence under the PHA 1997.

    I know this legislation didn't exist in the times that your quaint notions regarding the office of constable existed.

    Anyways, about these religious loonies. If you really wanted to annoy them, build a mosque across the road.
  10. **** me, bore off will you? You are cuntingly tedious
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  11. You are obviously a SIF Lord (Single Issue Fuckwit) who sniffs too much at the darkside of the gluebag. Please change your moniker accordingly to Darthbanana!
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  12. house burns down ...mysterious Qu'ran found in ashes on doorstep, who do you blame ???
  13. Thatcher?
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  14. Sparticus?
  15. Auld-Yin

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