West Yorkshire Police - Never Confused

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunami, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Ah, Plod humour. I myself am White British/Irish/other, sometimes chinese, sometimes asian. I also worship God, Buddha, Allah, and class myself as Jedi. Therefore almost all the bases are covered if they ever try to pick on me I can say it's only because I'm a jedi minority member.

    It's all a nonsense anyway.
  2. I work with the West Yorks plod and can honestly admit that these questionnaires are total bollox and as such they get total bollox answers to most questions.

    Why don't they just ask the one question they want the answer to........Are you racist, sexist, or anything which could bring disrepute to the plod.

    And yes, I did say I was undergoing gender re-assignment.....I was born with a co ck like a girl with an erect clitoral bit, the re-assignment is to extend my tiny todger and to make me look like a bloke .......WTF it has to do with the throbbers in puzzle palace beats me.

    DIVERSITY is all about ticking the right boxes and bugger all to do with living in the real world.

    Rant over
  3. Did you notice that the official response is that " officers did not understand that question". Can these officers now put in a complaint due to the inference that they are stupid?

    It could not possibly be that the majority of people are fed up to the back teeth of these sort of questionnaires.

    We have just had a similar thing in GMCFRS....what a load of SH1TE!!!!

  4. You'll be ONE OF THESE THEN.

    Also HERE.

    :D :D :D
  5. I'd rather be ONE OF THEM, than one of these :


    :lol: :lol:
  6. Oh, come on; it can't be considred a proper religion!

    They don't even abuse the Padawan Younglings... :twisted:
  7. They could really make a go of this...
  8. No but I do make sure they make the brews at the start of the shift. They don't make it to the jedi council at the top of the briefing room table without a stint making the brews.
  9. OK, depress me even more; just how accurate was the CSO sketch...

    "I suppose you could call us the SAS of the police force..." 8O

  10. no.....no....no

    What the....
  11. I do like the picture that went with the article:


    Still, what a f*cking stupid question to ask your employees. If they put half as much effort into doing the job as they do 'diversity' and such balls, they might actually succeed in stopping a bit of crime.
  12. Maybe the next questionnaire will be multiple choice. :roll:
  13. The last tick in the box questionaire we had was on a sexual health brief, questions included who can contract AIDS? Answers to pick included, gay men, and Africans. Another cracking question was how to deal with an unwanted pregnancy, selection of answers given to choose included, a bottle of gin and a hot bath, and a bottle of vodka.

    I'm sure they came away from our unit with some valuble information. :)
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  14. Then the answer would always be "C".