West Yorkshire NHS Worker Looking for a few answers

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by quornstar1986, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. I'm 26 and work in a NHS hospital, I'm currently looking to join the TA as a Infantryman. I just wanted to know the general opinion of 4th YORKS C company? Also if anybody has had any experience of working in the NHS and TA?
    Also roughly what sort of income can I generate from the TA as a private as I currently work a part Time 8 hour job on top of my main employment which I would have to match? I would be aiming for every drill night and every other weekend?

    Thank you in advance for replies.

  2. I can't comment on C Coy directly but 4 yorks are general a good hard working bunch of blokes. I've done a couple of weekends alongside them on different exercises and they come across as a well trained and motivated lot.

    As for pay you'd get £33ish as a daily rate until you're trade qualified, drill nights are paid at 1/4 of your daily rate, i'm sure you can do the maths.
  3. Cheers thanks for the reply. Got cracking with the PT as I have six months till I can sign up due to current commitments.
  4. In general the TA infantry in Yorkshire have varied from good to excellent. There are a few ex-Yorkshire Volunteers and Pudsey Paras on here and the opinions of their experiences are usually positve.
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  5. Cheers furryturd. One question is it better to contact the Training center direct or go via the recruitment center? Also any ideas on how long it takes to join? i.e. paperwork etc as I cannot commit to Tuesday night till Junebut if I could get the ball rolling before having to attend drill nights? Once Junesup Tuesdays are a go-go.
  6. Thanks jarrod248 I have done the snooping about and found the HR policies at work and on paper they seem understanding and supportive. Going to give the boss a preemptive chat and let them know my intentions. Idea is if I keep them involved each step of the way they know what the crack is. Also some bint at work has just been given a 12 month sabbatical leave to play house with an American she met online so if they play hardball I got that nugget to throw at them!
  7. No idea, I last went through a recruiting process in about 2003