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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Macca_1985, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. I'm interested in becoming an Adult Instructor in Leeds. I've been given numbers for places in York and Bradford but can't seem to find one for Leeds. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. http://www.rfca-yorkshire.org.uk/Units/York/Y%20(NW)%20ACF.htm#contact

    follow this link. Hope it helps and good luck.
  3. there are detachments at Towerhurst, Harewood, Seacroft and Carlton in Leeds however Coy HQ is in Bradford (ring on a tues-thurs 7pm - 9pm to get the ball rolling) you will need to attend there for an interview with the OC before you start to parade at one of the Leeds detachments.

    Its a good company to join and we are in need of instructors, hope to see you around soon :D
  4. Thanks for the info. When does the ACF shut down for Christmas?
  5. Round here this week as far as I know, not entirely sure about company HQ though, think they are open tomorrow night though.
  6. The York number will be County HQ and the Bradford one for Company HQ. If you're joining C Coy, the very best of luck old chap 8O
  7. Thank you everyone. I rang the Company HQ number and left a message on their answer phone. Hopefully someone will contact me soon.


    C Company would be the one that I would look to join, but who said I was a chap? :p :?
  8. cheers for that :roll:
  9. Im sure C Company is a fine company to join? :)
  10. indeed it is, dont listen to any of these naysayers, it is the finest in the land :D

    If you havent got in touch with HQ yet, it reopens on the 7th of January.
  11. If you ain't a chap now, you'll be issued a pair of brass balls when you get your initial issue ;)
  12. I'm sure C Company will be just fine and dandy when a certain rotund retard is knocked off his perch :D
  13. As long as they wouldn't be permanent 8O The lengths you go to help the youth of today! :lol:
  14. Certainly not permanent, following a nasty incident with the industrial stapler leading to a H&S review all Coy's are directed to use parcel tape for ball attachment purposes until further notice :)
  15. Good time of the year for it, plenty of parcel tape around! :D