West Rhine Golf Club Historical Record

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Pond_Balls, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. West Rhine Golf Club based in Javelin Barracks, Elmpt (formerly RAF Bruggen) is due to close at the end of the playing season 2013. It will be the first BFG golf club to close.

    We expect that the land on which the GC sits will be handed back to the German authorities at this time. They are then likely to dispose of the land to a 3rd party investor and golf will continue on the course.

    In the meantime I am keen to capture the history of the club, dating back to when it was founded by the RAF. We (the committee) have a few photos and documents and intend to produce an electronic history of the club.

    If you have ever been a member or have any photos or documents relating to the club please PM me.

    Thanks a million - Pond Balls
  2. Don't know about that club, but I used to use the Hohne golf club, mainly the bar, Gerry R used to run it. There was a cutting from the Daily Telegraph on the wall. After the war the course was set up, tees, greens etc, work being done by Erics, everything sorted and the RE i/c said "Right. This is an eighteen hole course" He came back next day to find eighteen holes in each green.
    Strange but true.
    Sorry, this doesn't help you, but it amused me forty five years or so ago.
  3. Pond Balls, during a recent visit to Elmpt, (during a beer or 10!) someone let slip that the money that built the golf course was actually 'on the books' for something totally different, so in fact, it was a bit of naughty buisness ;-)

    I take it you have spoken to CB and the like, who have been there for all eternitity?

    I still have friends there who may know more, just a pity Willy Luys has gone, he is the font of knowledge on all things Bruggen.

    I will ask around, but in the meantime PM me if I can be of further assistance.
  4. Heidtheba - many thanks. Anything that we can get hold of would be appreciated! I am writing to the membership at the moment and would rather have too many phots of grinning hackers than not enough!

    The story I have heard is that each green is designated as an emergency HLS, just in case the airfield is US! I'd love to see them land a Merlin on the 6th mind!
  5. I was a member back in '95. Great course and a shame I haven't played it in all that time.

    We used to chuckle how in the summer, as the returning Tornado's were doing the circuit before landing they would have a quick look at how many were on the course, an hour or so later a few cars would pull up and the crews would pile out get a few round in before dark.

    The best holes were the 6th across the valley and the little Par 3 11th.