west mids fire strike


6 months in iraq, 6 months on this, 6 months in asscrackistan....

Why don't they just force these muppets in to a contract where they can't strike? The coppers and nurses can't/don't.
cnuts :evil:
Now come on, some of them are striking as they 'only' get about £30,000 a year to live on working 12 hour shifts for 4 days with 4 days off to earn more money with their seondary jobs. I am lead to believe that some of the action taken is over the removal of beds from the stations. that is not the only reason, but just one of them. any comments from firefighters please
F**k-a-doodle-do :(
Copied from the Fire Brigades Union web site:

The Ballot of The Fire Brigades Union members in the West Midlands closed today at
2 pm. This has resulted in an overwhelming majority of firefighters voting to take industrial action in support of their claim for compensation following the start of the new shift system in the West Midlands.

YES 861 76.6%
NO 263 23.4%
Turnout 68.1%

The compensation package was as a result of a decision made by an Independent National Arbitration Panel.

The Chair of the Panel, Professor Roy Lewis, recognised that there were three consequential issues arising from the introduction of the new shift system, they are:

The application of holiday arrangements arising from the new duty system.
Recompense for additional travelling expenses.
Compensation for finishing shifts at midnight.

End of quote.

The FBU, along with the Prison Officers Association is the last unreconstructed trade union in the country. Inside its head office it is forever 1970, and visitors are strip-searched for any trace of reality or common sense, both of which are deemed to be 'inappropriate'.

It is a fact that the most recent fire service pay award was granted on the condition that modernisation of working practices must take place. Since the award was accepted you would think that so too was the condition. Not so. The FBU want the pay award, but not the tiresome modernisation that goes with it. It's that straightforward.
Fantastic, someone going to reopen the forces v firefighter slagging thread? :D
A joint team of the army, RAF and navy will provide emergency cover during the strike using red fire engines.

Team leader Brigadier Chris Murray said: "It needs to be recognised the military is not a replacement fire service and we cannot match the professionalism , skills and capability of the full-time firefighters.

"However, we will work with the fire officers to protect the public and provide as best a service as we can."
A few points.

Are we that strapped we can't even support this as a single service MACA task?

Is the noble Brigadier going to be manning the hoses along with the rest of them?

Will the purple firefighters receive any training on these super-duper fire engines?

Is the decision to put forces personnel on 'red kit' in any way a political move to prevent the strike being 'too visible'?

Answers on a PVR form please... :)
The training was done/is being done by the Defence Fire Service at Moreton in marsh fire service college, which I would like to state is a fantastic place, if only we had the same facilities.

I am not aware of any soldier/airman/sailor receiving grief or harrassment for underatking training to cover a fire strike. I am not tring to restart any firefighter/forces slagging. I would like to see any comments from those involved in the strike ballot to explain what is going on.
Phantom, I'm not involved in the strike ballot but my earlier posting does explain exactly what is going on. It's the plain, unadorned truth.

Of course I respect your right to seek the views of those directly involved, but I wonder whether you'd get an honest account from anyone with a vested interest.
I know the army is overstretched, but I reckon the last thing West Midlands Police need right now (with everything else that's going on at the moment) is another Op. FRESCO.

Does anyone know if these muppets have a similiar forum to ARRSE?. I would really like to voice an opinion or two.
Vegetius makes a good point. The armed forces are stretched, the West Midlands police have their hands full with, well, you name it. Terrorism, racial conflict, gang wars... it's all there.

With this in mind I find the opportunist actions of the Fire Brigades Union despicable. They are prepared to walk out of work knowing that someone else with better things to do will have to pick up the pieces, yet they maintain that they are not concerned with money and protecting their cushy working conditions but are instead 'concerned with public safety'.

No they're not, they're concerned about themselves, and hang everyone else.
Yes, it does seem strange that every time Trumpton goes on strike it seems to coincide with some crisis that their absence would exacerbate, like the run-up to TELIC 1. Which, spookily, the top dogs in the FBU opposed on sound socialist principles, comrade.

When will it made illegal for them to strike like us and the Police?? That would make sense! (Therein lies the problem perhaps).
If you want to, you can make your views on this known by visiting


and following the 'about us' link, then the 'contact us' link.

I am told by one who would know, that when they cleared the most militant of the trade unionists out of British Leyland / BMC, they were encouraged by militant Trumptonistas to join the Fire Brigade, many in the West Midlands.

Hence the current and past (and probably future) shennanigans.

Darth D - AFAIK all MACA tasks are regarded as purple, so it might not be unusual for our chums in the lesser two services ( :p ) being involved as well.

Kind regards

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