west midlands TA units


Im after any feedback on either of these units, iv'e recently moved back to the area and considering these
D coy (mortars) att HQ coy (staffords) west midlands regiment
301 troop 131 CDO sqn royal engineers

im aware of what each unit's roles are and what they offer just looking for some advice and feedback from people who are serving or have served within them.


I'm sure HQ Coy WMR is LI... unless its changed in the past 4 years. They have a patrols platoon, those lads are ok. Guess it depends what you want n what ure capable of.


210 battery operate from the same location as the WMR. 210 battery are an air defence unit equipped with rapier. We also do a fair amount of infantry stuff aswell, in the last 2 years we have done a 2 week infantry exercise in gibraltar and a 2 week infantry exercise in cyprus. Therefore if you are looking for a bit of variety 210 is the unit for you, we also pay more than the WMR. If you would like more information you can either pm me or come to TA next tuesday at 7:15 and go to the door on the right hand side.

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