West Midlands Regiment

Anyone got any info on the WMR in regards to recruit training etc? Specifically in A company. Also I don't turn 17 until July, but is it possible to apply now and get the ball rolling earlier?
I'm about to go on the final weekend of phase 1 with WMR, don't know much about A Company specifically but all I can tell you is that the A Company NCO's that have trained us are top blokes mate, even if they do have silly bog brush type things sticking out of their berets! :p
oh and I would presume you will have just sit and wait until July to apply mate, but do contact them to double check that, I'd use the time between now and then to work on your fitness.
How many recruit weekends and other courses do you have to do in the WMR?

Already started on my fitness too, dunno what I'm aimin for though press-ups and sit-ups wise though. How many would i be expected to do when joining?

One thing I'm worried about is that I joined the regs when i left school hoping to go to AFC but got offered a place at ADC due to some paperwork fcuk up, so i dropped it to go back to college. Would they hold that against me if i joined?

Cheers for the reply lee.
there are 9 weekends followed by 2 weeks at Catterick, honestly don't know about your AFC/ADC issue, best thing either go down there and talk to the recruit team on a drill night (probably a Tuesday) or call them:

A (Fusilier) Company

TA Centre, Barrows Lane, Sheldon, BIRMINGHAM, B26 3BE

Tel: 0121 743 6040

Email: wmregt-acoypsao@tanet.mod.uk

best of luck
Hi Spong_,

I'm in the WMR too. :D

Mind you, if you don't join shortly you'll find it's become 4Mercian instead (end of August). As far as I'm aware, 'A' company will continue being RRF within 4Mercian, though, so no big changes there.

You asked about fitness, try this link:


Hope it goes well for you,

Best Regards,


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