West Midlands Police given 'sensible underwear' advice

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by viceroy, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Anybody? "pants of an "appropriate colour" on duty which were "inconspicuous" under uniforms. "

    Did they have christmas lights in their pants or what?

    BBC News - West Midlands Police given 'sensible underwear' advice

    West Midlands Police officers believe they have been given a bum deal by being asked to wear sensible underwear.

    They were advised to choose pants of an "appropriate colour" on duty which were "inconspicuous" under uniforms.

    Some staff have described the suggestions, which appeared on the police "message of the day" section on the force intranet, as "nannying".

    The force said there was no new policy on underwear but officers had to take a "commonsense approach".

    'Not scouts'

    The brief was issued to staff to ensure officers "present a professional appearance to the public," West Midlands Police said.

    It includes other sartorial advice, such as the suggestion that baseball caps should only be worn by officers in certain units.

    A police spokesman said: "There's no new force policy on underwear, but all officers and staff coming into contact with the public are asked to adopt a commonsense approach when choosing what underwear is worn so they remain smart."

    Some officers criticised the move in the force magazine, Police Review, with one saying "we are not a scouting organisation".
  2. I read this and feel very old. How can people see a police officer's underpants in the first place? Why, rather than telling them not to display their shreddies, do their superiors merely tell them to wear smarter ones?

    I watch in bemusement as the world accelerates into the distance.
  3. I don't know about West Midlands, but most police forces would be better off enforcing uniform regulations for outer garments first. When the majority of officers are dressed the same, don't wear their jackets flapping open, and polish their boots, then lets dictate what colour pants they wear!
  4. Fixed that for you. Was actually looking for a pic with a PO in the usual pose, hands in body armour, it would appear while this is the only pose you see them in, they do not like getting pictures taken in that pose.

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  5. Anyone interested in all things Police would do well to visit this website:


    'Inspector Gadget' is the non-de-plume of a real serving police inspector who for reasons of anonymity (the blog is VERY unofficial) never uses his real name and refers to his force as "Ruralshire Constabulary".

    Anyway, take a look and scroll through the various posts. The blog has been going for some years now and has over 4 million hits.
  6. who gets the job of 'morning pants check'?? Do they have to line up and drop 'em before hitting the beat??

    On a serious note, by 'underwear' i suspect they are aiming the suggestion at my pet hate.....women wearing dark bras under white shirts! I don't see how 'appropriate colured pants' could be seen under black trousers!!
  7. Stop derailing this thread with the correct interpretation !!
    There are a number of stages all police threads on Arrse must go through before the real answer is revealed.
  8. ok sorry....back to underwear

    What colour pants are you wearing, and show me where you wee from!!
  9. A lime green mankini, a special place, and anyway, my shed got broken in to and all the police did was ring me with a crime number !!
    Yeah, where were they when I needed them, checking underwear or hounding Princess Di to her death. Coming over here, taking all of our jobs.....
    It's political corectness gone mad
  10. "Inconspicuous" under uniforms.


    That would be "Day-glo" yellow with reflective panels then.
  11. Somewhere on the computer at work I kept a copy of the very same thing from our HR 2 years ago. Too funny to lose but HR's getting out of hand in some places.
  12. Can't Marks & Spencer's polonecked knickers IMHO
  13. Anyway, the report says two different things:

    "West Midlands Police officers believe they have been given a bum deal by being asked to wear sensible underwear."

    "They were advised to choose pants of an "appropriate colour" on duty which were "inconspicuous" under uniforms."

    It's been a very, very long time, but I seem to recall that ladies' upper undergarments are not call 'pants'. Of course I could be wrong about that, I suppose.
  14. Wearing 'correct' underwear and 'copping' motorists is so, so, so much easier than catching thieves, robbers, rapists, illegal immigrants, sex slave masters. terrorists, fraudsters and very large and aggressive drunks!

    Sadly, mainly due to the hopeless twerp Blair and his team of 'vote winners', the police are now so 'politicised' that their only remaining ability is to terrorise motorists - motorists are middle-class, public school educated posh 'toffs' and deserved to be victimised!

    Come back to us police forces - come back. Eschew the political sh1t you have been fed and turn on your 'Labour luvvie' bosses - shop them; ignore them and return to catching criminals.
  15. It's because they're all reduced to wearing their pants on their heads with pencils stuck in their nostrils going 'wibble' a la Blackadder. Apparently their pants are showing under their helmets