west midlands challenge=bad soldiers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by humphrey_pelham, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. is this true: I have the choice of carrying on with weekend by weekend training, then 2 weeks with the regulars (CIC) OR the west midlands challenge.

    now, im informed that since the wm challenge is new; standards are not as high, and although i would be a trained infantryman faster via this route i might not end up at the same standard as i would doing the normal route.

    any insight/ is someone pulling my plonker?
  2. What the fcuk is the West midlands challenge?

    If, by attending wmc, you achieve the training objs of CIC, then yes, you would be a inf soldier..... if your careers mob recognise wmc as a way of achieving said TOs.
  3. Midlands Challenge is not new, this will be it's second year. Last year was highly successful and run by the well respected RTC in 143 Bde. It was intended to build on the Summer Challenge run by 51 Bde, and many of those who went through the course were highly praiseworthy.

    This is a way of accelerating the training, in the summner, in cohorts of empathetic individuals (which enhances pass rates), to deliver trained soldiers to Units for the Autumn.

    It is an ME for 143 Bde in the summer. Sign up.
  4. AFAIK the standards that need to be met by training establishments / RTC's are robust and were set a long time ago. If the instructors have any pride in the TA then they wont be slack and pass people that don't meet that grade.

    Would you mind saying where you heard this from?

    T C
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Chibber probably ;)

  6. This was heavily over subscribed last year - over 4 applicants for each place. Everyone will have to go through a selection weekend.

    Get your bid in now.

  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Now I know were all the Attack Choppers and CR's are - thanks for that.
  8. If like our , 51, inf phase it's gonna be run by staff from CIC and have a very high drop out rate!
  9. Seems to be the general concensus from the instructors and squaddies I've discussed this with.
  10. Did they actually know what they were talking about - or were they disenfranchised nobbers who 'did it the proer way' :roll:
  11. !! mong post
  12. The problem, IMOHO, is not with the RTC instructors, and here is where I alienate myself from all the guest instructors, is that the standard of instruction isnt always the same as at the RTCs but mainly that instructors are not used to dealing with recruits and what you can and cant do.

    Dons Mk6 and waits incoming
  13. FFBox, please see your PMs
  14. You were informed wrong. Certainly at least one TA CO involved wanted a lot of weeding out done, as he wanted troops ready and prepared and committed to go operational in due course.

    Training is continuous. You may pass Phase 2, but then you build on that.

    Were any of these instructors or squaddies actually on Midlands Challenge?

    The CIC part was being overseen as I remember, by Regular CIC instructors, they were happy with what they saw.

    There are certainly instructors who were present at MC who use Arrse , and they didn't give the candidates a particularly easy ride, certainly not from the parts I saw. How much phys can you do in a day, how much sleep can you do without? They were worked hard especially in the Swynnerton/SENTA phase.

    Most of the people unsuited to were weeded out during MC. The remainder who had given up 4 weeks of their Summer, looked proud and pleased to have stuck it all the way, as they should have been.

    I'll post this thread to one of the PC's who was on the ground instructing, he may wish to dispel any notions you have that the instruction or indeed MC was under par.

    There are some 30+ individuals who decided to go FTRS after Midlands Challenge 07 , a large chunk of them had not even been in the Army before March 2007.

    Get on the Challenge and see for yourself, rather than listen to Wiwi crap in the bar.
  15. If you can get the time off and can get on one of these beauties do it, I would say the training is better as its constant and there is less skill fade from the weekends, the only way the w/es would be better is the inbetween training on the drill nights, but that really is up to your unit.

    Training done in double quick time, adventure training and a car licence as opposed to 6 months rocking up to your RTC, having your kit checked and spending half your time waiting for everyone else to turn up, I know what I would choose

    Actually I chose 20 odd weeks in depot, but thats another story