West Midlands Cadets

The purpose of this topic is to try and get more cadets from the west midlands to join the TA. The Cadets are an excellent recruiting source for the TA as they are already trained and they make good soldiers, however for some reason not many of you join the TA. Why is that? Would it help if the TA put on open evenings so you could then see what the benefits are.
Which county or the region as a whole? I know that some of the detachments in my county do very well from local TA which is a great help to recruitment for them, but my detachment gets no support from any unit. As far as I can see, anyway.

My unit does have quite a few ex-cadets in the regs, but a lot of the cadets go on to be ACF instructors. I know that’s not a bad thing, but a few more AI’s with ‘broader experience’ may not be a bad thing. Oh boy, am I in for it now! In my defence some of the behaviour I witnessed at Summer Breeze in June would not have been displayed by ex reg or TA soldiers.

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