West Highland Way

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Cherry, Jan 23, 2005.

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  1. A friend and i are planning on walking this come the end of May possibly the start of June. Has anyone on here done it?. I have been told i actually completed this many many moons ago with my father but cannot actually remember it!. Best memory i have is getting shouted at for setting fire to the dogs tail :oops: , but thats all!. I just assumed it was another one of dads long walks!. He reckons its a piece pish and even with the minimum amount of experience should not pose any problems to us, however my dear 'ol dad is nails and i wouldnt like to think he is sending us out on a suicide mission, so if anybody has any words of wisdom or words of encouragment(badly needed!) then please share.
  2. Thanks OldRedCap, spent hours on the pooter yesterday trying to find someone that broke a leg/arm/died to try and wriggle out of it but it seems like its almost too easy. :?
  3. Yes - there's not much to it. If you want a nice alternative look at the Coast to Coast. Instead of starting on West coast and walking East, try starting the other side. Gives you a chance to get that last bit fit/check kit OK before you get to the ups and downs of the Lake District. FWIW.
  4. You think its a weak limp wristed walk.

    try running it 8O :D


  5. Actually know someone who did for charity, although i dont know the time they did it in. I would not even try to imagine what it would take to cover that distance in that time 8O . Think we could manage it in about a week, if we cover 13 miles a day. Think we will just be camping instead of b&bing it, so may have to push on that little bit further to the next camp site as there is no camping allowed on the WHW itself.
    Getting kit sorted out just now to start training with, reckon we will carry around 20lbs of kit including tent,slugs,food etc.
    Currently using a pair of smelly old Salomon boots, does anyone know of a good pair of boots i should invest in?, would spend up to £120. :)
  6. Im sure you could do it in less than that. Try 2o miles a day and your up to about pace. Start as early as you can and walk till about 11 or 12 then have a real good lunch and 30 min kip, then tab till 4 or 5. that way if your managing about 3mph, you shoul get about 20 miles done in a day no prob, cuts it down to about 5days total walking

    Obviosuly if you want to enjoy it a bit more, you should restrict how far you wal each day (so that it lasts slightly longer) just depends on how you want to take it.

    Good luck and best wishes with it.

    As for boots, i have a pir of brasher hill masters which are 3 season hiking boots and are the comfiest boots i have ever had the pleasure of wearing. They have a slightly unusual curve to the sole which propels you along the road when you first buy them. Retails for about £100

    Have a look here and see their product range.