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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by granite20, Jul 12, 2007.

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    [align=center]G Company is a Territorial Army infantry company based in the heart of the East End of London — West Ham. It has a Rifle Platoon and a Machine-Gun Platoon.[/align]

    Are you looking to join the TA and live in the East of London?

    Are you wanting a new challenge?

    Tired of doing nothing in your spare time and need some extra cash?!

    We require high calibre individuals with a desire to want to be actively part of one of the best TA units in the London Area.

    When do we train?
    Every Tuesday from 1930 - 2130

    Contact Details

    G Company
    7 RIFLES
    The Cedars
    E15 3QN

    Tel: 0208 472 0140

    PM me for more details or come and visit us this tuesday!
  2. does one apply directly to yourself or does my agent handle the whole thing?

  3. You can email me questions you may have about G Coy, or simply come and see us this tuesday at 1930 for a presentation and a pint.
  4. Surely, technically, E15 is Stratford, not West Ham?
  5. This is true, but the TA barracks is 5 minutes walk from Stratford, west Ham and Plaistow.

  6. :twisted:
  7. glad someone got it :wink:
  8. Block Leave is soon to be over and its time to open our green doors to the new potential recruit with open arms and see what they are made of.

    G Coy will be having interviews and presentations next tuesday for people who want to do something good in their lives and join the TA.
  9. My, how standards have dropped since 289 left the area....
  10. With the recent surge in recruits at G Coy fear not..

    We still have a few slots left for September intake!!

    If you are living in London and want a new challenge then come and see us this tuesday evening.
  11. No need to bring your own small arms, they have an entire armoury.
  12. Are there enough small arms for a snap hambush?

    ...I'll get my coat.
  13. on..hmmmm.. think i may be missing something here??
  14. The Good Guys keep coming!!

    G Coy has seen a surge in good Recruits come through its Green Gates recently!

    We have less than 10 slots available for any new potential Recruits who want to join the TA in our area before Christmas - just in time for the Janaury Couese to Start.

    PM me or drop by on Tuesday night!