west down camp, salisbury plain

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Chris_2oo6, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. does anyone know if there's a naafi/cash machine etc on site???

  2. Westdown? Just about got hot water mate! There is a garage a click down the road with a cash machine though
  3. Mate, we would'nt want to tell you lies but, you will get a shock. Its one of the most dire battlecamps on Salisbury plain. Unless of course things have changed since 1999.
  4. There's a Naafi, and I believe an ATM in there too... I went in '07 - It's awful.
  5. Such polite language - I've heard it described FAR worse than that :lol:
  6. To be fair it is better than Knook!
  7. Ok...

    It's a complete ****hole and doesn't deserve to be used by thd Regs... It's an awful facility - Poorly built roads, crap grass, poor access to ablutions & leaking Barracks...

    Hell, Jersey Camp is better...

    Did I mention its fcuking sh!t?

  8. So, what are you saying, 'doesnt deserve to be used by the regs'

    One army concept?
  9. Well, it was more Regs/TA my bad...

    It's so bad, should be Cadets only!
  10. I think that honour goes to either Rollestone or Knook. To be honest West Down isn't that bad.
  11. The top camp at Knook is quite good, decent showers and accommodation.

    The only thing that spoils it is doing a recce there when a STAB unit is in location.

    The appalling beret shaping alone is enough to induce a stroke.
  12. Rollestone Camp !! F*ck me cheers for that blast from the past !! 'orrible 'orrible 'orrible, my first memory of that hole is watching a big hairy Lance Jack dipping his balls into the mouth of a heavy snorer, as an 18 year old watching that through a self made peephole in a doss bag I did question my career choice........until I was caught red handed doing it at Penhale 2 years later ! :D
  13. And it doesn't even have hot water in the showers! Though saying that I don't believe I have been to a camp that does.
  14. what a bunch of tarts...what the feck happened to field conditions....After 3 weeks in the shoite on the plain, westdown camp is a bloody palace. luxury
  15. lol i'm only there for 2 or 3 nights anyways, before going on wessex warrior

    lucky me