West Coast Trail - Vancouver Island

Book early to stay in downtown Vancouver. I often travel there and have been caught out a few times. Last time I got the last (allegedly) room downtown for $500 a night !!. Victoria on the island is a good place for a night out too.
Do you save those up to impress people back home? It's currently +2C in Ottawa, and tomorrow it will be a high of +5C with rain. It's currently +7C in the early evening where I am (in southern Ontario), and most of the snow has melted leaving plenty of bare grass. Windsor's expecting thunderstorms tonight.

Don't forget to bring your snowshoes with you tomorrow when you turn the key in the sled dogs to start them up and pull out of the garage to mush your way across the ice flows to Kanata, or wherever it is that you hunt the mighty Arctic Cat-5 cable. It's only 6 more months of the eternal darkness of winter before you'll be paddling your birchbark canoe down your suburban street and humping bails of computer printouts over the gruelling portages past the roaring rapids of the vast and swift flowing 417 on your way to your local Hudson's Bay Company trading post whilst singing voyageur songs with les gars.

Here's Guns taking the bus to work:

Striding purposefully to the office from the bus stop:

Here he is in his office:

Tracking down a difficult problem with the network:

Here he is (standing centre) at a meeting with clients:

On his way home, he (just to the left of the stove) is picking up a few things for the wife at the local Bay store at the mall:

Here's some scenes of his daily life set to the latest popular music:

I hope I haven't blown too much of your persec Guns, but I thought that everyone back home should see how well you're doing off in the colonies.


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Bah southern softies, seeing grass. Still many feet of snow here. Rain is a pain and hampering my snowshoeing.

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