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West Belfast


I've just google earthed west belfast and boy has it changed in 20 years!
I've got a duffle coat at home with no buttons on it.
I like touching fishs wet bits
I drive up there quite regularly - its just progress fuelled by trillions of quid pumped in to keep the factions happy

a nuke costs less!
Hopefully they've bulldozed the 'Murph' and turned it into a Multistory Car park, As for the 'Rocks' and New Barnsley's A nice shopping center would do.

The Springfields were Fine and didn't need any regeneration, maybe build the peace line 20 foot higher :)


Lots of "nice" houses where the bullring was, New barnsley RUC is a little development!
jack-daniels said:
The Royal Exchange pub in Aldershot is now a block of flats.
The Pegasus is back, but it's Sh*t.

And to carry on the randomnity, my clock is telling thewrong time but the radio is still doing the pips, so that's all right then.
What happend to Fort whiterock, Don't tell me it's now a Holiday inn or a wacky wearhouse
ugly said:
I've just google earthed west belfast and boy has it changed in 20 years!
Just done the same Ugly, whole streets in the Upper Markets seem to have sank with out trace and I don't recognise some of the places where I had some anxious moments. :(

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