West Africa's Deteriorating Situation

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'Soldiers who staged an uprising in Guinea's capital on Sunday said in a short broadcast on the West African nation's state television that they have dissolved the constitution and the government in an apparent coup.

'An unidentified soldier, draped in Guinea's national flag and surrounded by eight other armed soldiers, said they planned to form a transitional government and would give further details later.

'Heavy gunfire broke out near the presidential palace in the capital Conakry on Sunday morning, with several sources saying an elite national army unit led by a former French legionnaire, Mamady Doumbouya, was behind the unrest.'

Guinée update; the president has been arrested, the government dissolved and the constitution suspended.

The sad part is that all those coups make it much more difficult to support those countries against the spread of islamic terrorism.

After Mali last year, now Guinée Conakry....it also means that the leaders of other Western African nations will think twice before authorizing the raising and training of elite units as they are now more and more considered as "coup" troops, just like in South Vietnam in the early 1960s....
Ivory Coast is missing one of its very few Mi 24, in the North of the country where terror groups are active.


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