Wessex Ranger Brigade

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by black_hand, May 31, 2007.

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  1. A while a go some one posted about them, and asked about the cap badge.
    Befor any one says do a search, i have and cannot find the post.
    If your still around and are interested in the WRB PM me and i will do all i can do to help.
    I'm currently in contact with one of the founders, and would be happy to pass on any questions.

    |Sorry if i appear to be posting in the wrong forum.
  2. actually i was refering the uniformed youth group, that was based in the south of england. They were an independent cadet group who had MOD approval. They were merged into the Adventure Ranger Corp approx 8 years ago i think.

    8.1 The Wessex Ranger Brigade is a uniformed youth group which was formed in Basingstoke 25 years ago. The Bordon Group was opened in 1995 and the Headley Down Group in 1997, with some start-up funding from the Area Committee. Membership is open to boys and girls aged between 8 and 19 years. Uniforms are provided free of charge to all members. The Wessex Ranger Brigade Association is a registered charity and is affiliated to the National Association of Boys Clubs.

    8.2 The aims and objectives of the Wessex Ranger Brigade are:

    i) To promote good manners and self discipline.

    ii) To provide opportunities for the members to take part in activities and interests which they may not otherwise be able to.

    iii) To develop with its members the qualities of good citizenship which will stand them in good stead for the future. Particularly an awareness and concern for the local community.

    iv) To stimulate interest in the Armed Services, especially the Army and to encourage those considering a career in the Armed Forces.

    The Training Programmes undertaken are designed to achieve these aims, as well as giving the member a challenging and enjoyable time.

  3. is there any duplication with local ACF and CCF units ? I must admit this the first time I have heard of the WRB.

    I have heard of another stand alone local organisation called League of Foresters, a Brownie/Girl Guide type of oraganisation, I think they were based round Nottingham or thereabouts and only operated in their area with no plans for expansions. the WRB is similar ?
  4. the group is run on the lines of the ACF, but tailored to the kids seeing as they can start at 8 years old. they tend to catch the younger kids who would join the ACF but are too young, who then stay on and dont join the ACF.

    No plans for expansion at the moment. Same as all things funding and volunteers.
  5. Learn something new every day and all that......

    For those interested found this site. WRB

    Couple of questions, I wonder, apart from the obvious, where do they get their funding and how do they combine the needs of 8 year olds with that of the older members?

    No offence intended and I'm sure the intention is worthy, but I must say some of the photos on the site seem to portray a rather amateur air .....
    Kids learning marksmanship by propping an air rifle on the framing of a hut 8O , infantry skills badges 8O :? dodgy looking blank firing smg on the floor :? , mixed dress on days out and all but a few seem a little ramshackle :roll: , perhaps a bad choice of photos for the web page :?

    I'm sure the kids enjoyed themselves, but cant help but feel things would be done much better in the local ACF? :idea:

    Compare to the ACF website ACF Webpage

    Any ACF local to this group care to comment?
  6. Do you commssion your Officer in the same way as the SCF do through the Cadet force Commissioning Board or is it an internal appointment also do the Adult NCOs go to Frimley Park ? or is trained in house ?

    do they get paid ?

    do you have any connection with the RFCA ?

    Lots of questions, I know, I haven't heard of this before it looks interesting.

    I am still staying in the ACF tho :D

  7. The WRB is a registered charity and raises its own funds, through weekly subs £1, and fund raising events.

    to meet the needs of the different age groups they have a similar system to he ACF stars, the older kids find the lower levels easier so progresas much quicker than the younger kids, but this gives them something to aim for. Then they are split into groups depending on the level they are on.

    As for the mixed dress, the WRB can only get hold off ex-military kit to fit the older kids, so as a result the smaller and younger kids cant always be kitted out, remember this is a charity that gets no funding. The WRB is only able to issue beret, lightweights and shirt, so the mixed dress on outings is due to the weather.

    All the kids do enjoy themselves, thats why they come back week after week. the ACF doesnt take kids till they are 13, most the kids that got to the WRB come at the bottom end of the age group 8 years, and tend to stay on as the progress through the rank structure.
  8. no all adult volunteers are officers, with the exception of one or two who are the SMI's. The WRB fills all its NCO slots with the kids, who when reaching 18 wish to be an adult instructor become a potential instructor, and will eventually become a 2nd Lt. All dependant on CRB, and assesment. The training is done in house.

    no one gets paid in the WRB, they all do it out of the goodness of there hearts.
  9. Do your officers go to Westbury or Sandhurst ? and hold a full Queens Commssion or is the Officers ex forces retaining the Queens commission on discharge from the Regular forces ?
    or is the Officers an internal appointment not holding the Queens Commission ?
  10. Sir can you please tell me what training adult instructors could get in the WRB as im looking to maybe give some of my time up in the evenings im an ex reg but am not sure if my training would be the same as that of the WRB. What syllabus do the rangers follow ? and what would i be able to join as ? i do not really fancy holding a commission as an officer so what would be my options :?: how many adults do you have and how many units /rangers are there ?
  11. Bump, but what is it? Some wee lad in chat reckon's he's part of the army. I'm not evil enough to give him an FO pill but someone else might. Hes 11 bless him.
  12. Sorry I thought Wessex Rangers were on TV as Spearhead?