Were you on Telic 3?

Hi there.

As some of you already know I am a journalism student in Preston. I'm doing a project on the TA barracks at Deepdale (which is where the fake abuse pictures were made) and how they are doing one year on from that.

I'm NOT doing an anti-army thing and I'm not out to get anyone... I hope this will be a very positive piece when it's done.

So what I am looking for is anyone who was on Op Telic 3 (feel free to shout at me if I got the op number wrong.) ie. was in Iraq at the time of the photos coming out in the Mirror.

I just need to phone you and record someone's reaction of how the guys on the ground felt when they heard about the photos.

This will not be for public broadcast... although if it is excellent and someone offers me lots of money I will contact everyone involved and ask permission before it is heard by anyone except myself and my lecturers.

Help create a forces friendly Journo by helping me get my degree!

Email me at eebull@uclan.ac.uk if you want to talk to me.


i dont think you'll get much help here where all very anti-journalist, im surprised this thread hasnt turned into abuse already
The photos were taken during Telic 2 but weren't printed til May last year, during Telic 4. So Cynical-Subbie and Mrs Stu are both wrong.

ie. was in Iraq at the time of the photos coming out in the Mirror

Let's just say that those photos made our tour slightly more interesting and leave it at that. Oh, and Piers Morgan should have been thrown in the Tower.


Still remember the 'Forces friendly journalists' barging into our house the day after my brother was killed in NI. F-uckers!
Well thanks for all your loving replies.

The one guy who was arrested has been handed over to the CPS now so I can't do this anymore under contempt of court laws.

Thanks anyway and I hope that when you need help, people will be a nice to you as you were to me.

I was on OP TELIC 2, and I was disgusted to see the photos on the front page of the papers. The british press don't support the British squaddie!!! They are only after the story. What they should have done if they had a conscience was go to the top brass and showed them the pictures first and let them deal with it before some poor squaddie on the streets of Basra gets his arrse kicked because some tosser of a journalist thinks he's onto a good story, which turned out to be fake anyway. Thanks a lot BRITISH PRESS!!!!!!!


War Hero
I was on Telic 3 when they came out. It was adorable seeing the locals proudly show their placards covered in the daily mirror as they were chucking bricks and petrol bombs. Thank You Piers Ba$tarding Morgan for threatening the lives of your countrymen just to get a bit more sales...............The thing that pi$$es me of the most is that the Army still buys the $hit paper. Either way the Mirror wins and the squaddie still gets $hat on.

thats my Two Bob


I was on telic 3 those photos came out after we got back remeber deciding
it was probably a good idea to check dig camera before get all photos developed :) .if we known we could have got 10 grand for photos of abusing
iraqs could have have found a use for the interpeters after all :lol:

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