Were you in Kuwait?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Researcher, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. I am very interested in finding REME soldiers and or their families who were in Kuwait in 1990, I am a researcher for a BBC documentary. If you can help please email: gulfwarproject@hotmail.co.uk
    Many Thanks
  2. Sadly the terrible reputation of journalists (that includes "researchers") will result in you getting no response unless you can provide more details on the focus of this programme.
  3. Of course a hotmail address will make them feel so much better about the whole thing...
  4. I was in Bognor Regis for the summer of 1990..........boy what a time that was......
    do you have a seperate hotmail address for Bognor or will the arab 1 suffice?

  5. when i work on that documentary i'll do another post!
  6. I slept under Bognor Pier once in 1982 when I missed the last train back, it was freezing and the local old bill offered us a cell for the night. We said no cause we had fell for that one from the Monkeys in the past.

    Jolly Japes

  7. In response to Hellfyyr... I understand the reticence. This is what I can say. It's a serious documentary for BBC2 in the UK and Discovery Channel in the US next year. I would be happy to explain more about the programme in any discussion - the hotmail address is to protect confidentiality during the research process. I can of course provide phone numbers if anyone wants to contact me by email first. I hope this helps. Thanks.
  8. I was in Kuwait in 1990- please send airfare so I can fly to UK and visit Bognor


    PS. No...one second, it wasn't Kuwait it was B&Q in Bognor
  9. Oh God I remember it well! The sun....the sand...the flies.....the beach at Bognor Regis was a hell of a place!

    Was Butlins still there in 1990?
  10. Yeah I was in Kuwait twice over the border from Al-zubayr. They hed no copies of MAD Magazine in the PX BASTerds!!!! i LOVE MAD mag
  11. Hi De Hi Campers !!!

    Ah, Butlins in Bognor......I remember being dragged to the disco and caberet on an evening, Mum sipping cherry brandy, Dad was on Bitter......me sneaking off to the amusements to have a sly fag with a few of the other kids that were having a "family" holiday.
    Mam and Dad dancing.....omg how crap is that......do I dance like that now?
    The chalets were always freezin, no hot water in the boilers but dad always made cooked breakfast for us while mum went to the launderette (prob to wash the sheets they had ruined during the hours(minutes?) noise during the night.....while they thought me and little Brov were asleep!
    How could we sleep? It was bluddy freezin 8O

    Got my fist sticky fingers at Bognor.... :lol:

    and had my first B&H :oops: (my mum smoked Regals)

    PS Reporter: Can I have my fees paid in crisp one pound notes? Leave the parcel under the bin near the macdonalds at the entrance to Kings Cross on tuesday morning (after 09:00 as my bus doesnt leave till 08:30)
    Thank you please.
  12. I was there a few weeks ago and I am not ex reme. is that any good to you?

    That no alcohol is a pisser.
  13. I wasn't there in 1990 and I wasn't in the REME. Does this help?

    I did pop along in 91 though.
  14. Did you know that the Q8 petrol stations are owned by the Kuwait government. But the name doesn't work in Spanish where it reads as KvayOcho
  15. Well to answer the OP. No
    As for Bognor. Never been there either.

    Hope this helps. I mean you only have another 12,409 people to answer.