Were you a member of 5 Armd/9 Field Workshop?

Discussion in 'REME' started by GingerBloke, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. Want to get a reunion going and I have been talking to a few old buddies and they are up for it.

    So come on lads and lasses pop along and join.

    REME Reunited
  2. Now its at the top again....
  3. Slipping down again

  4. its moved up again....
  5. John

    Seems a lack of other former members of the Soest drinking gang willing to help out here - lol

  6. I was there 89-91, but was in optronics so....
  7. Optronics are welcome too mate!

    All REME personnel are welcome past, present and any trade.

    So pop along and join and tell yer mates.

    Thanks to John and Nobby for bumping up the thread.
  9. Dont know why, there were dozens of us.....
  10. Boing back up to the top again, count me in, maybe we should invite 11 armd as well as we shared the same mess etc, where will we hold it Charlies or the Blauie lol
  11. Looks like a a Mac D's
  12. When's the reunion?
  13. At this rate John, it could be you, me & the Maggot. Whats the chances of him getting a round in :evil:

  14. Would he even turn up? The rechymecs have their own reunion every year.
  15. He would do if he thought we were buying - lol