Were you a Casual?

Just watching the video for Wonderwall by Oasis. Liam is wearing a Burberry shirt. In 1995 it was cool, not a leitmotif for naff Chavdom.

This got me thinking; I remember hardcore casuals wearing Burberry in the late 80's (when I used to know a few, including some idiot football-hoolie types). I also remember ridiculously expensive Fila tracksuits, Diadora trainers, silly hats, LaCoste polo shirts that cost two week's wages and chunky jumpers tucked into Pepe jeans (remember the free keyrings?).

I wasn't a casual (couldn't afford it and I was a bit anti-fashion anyway) in the mid-late 80's, but I'm sure some late-thirtysomething ARRSErs here were. What was it like being a squaddie casual? Did the RSM let you get away with that comedy wedge haircut? Please feel free to celebrate XR3i's, Level 42 bass solos and really expensive leisurewear and put your hands up to it. Even the Farrah trousers, go on, you know you want to.

Le Croc polo shirts , tassled loafers and those beige trousers that I can't remember the name of, also had a lovely black green and purple adidas trakky top that I think the wife burnt when I first moved in with her
No my town seemed to be stuck in a time warp, we still had Mods and skinheads up until the mid 90's, Oi! 8)
i was too young, but i did manage to save up for a burberry scarf when i was 13....

i've never admitted that before :oops:
sergio taccini tracksuit top

lyle and scott roll kneck

pringle jumpers


penny loafers ... or diadora borg.

no mate ...... never. :D
Lacoste polo shits, Pringle V-necks, stonewash Wranglers and Dunlop Greenflash? Moi? It must have been a Wythenshawe 'thing'.

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