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  1. Where have all the Blankang Mati cowboys gone? You will under stand this question if you where there, especially 1953 to 1958
  2. Is that by chance a Gunner question?, I wasn't there but I've wandered more recently around the disused barracks.
    I reckon you will be aware that it's no longer an island.
  3. No it's for all who served there, of course it's called Sentosa now but I do believe some of the barracks and gun positions still exist. Go to websitein google and type in either Blankang Mati or Sentosa
  4. The barracks were a bit off the tourist trail on the 'island' which might have been why they remained. Last time I was there, a few years back, the Singapore govenment, to their credit, were trying to get private enterprise to find a use for the buildings which would keep the historical structure intact. The former officers mess had already been converted into a small hotel.
    The reason I mentioned Gunner was that certainly pre-war it was a Coastal Gunner garrison- A lot of the streets now or still have a RA connotation, Woolwich Ave, Larkhill Ave, and so on.