Were will I be based if I join the REME

Hey am hoping to join the REME passed selection last week. Is there much scoope to get based in germany in the REME. I know the royal engineers have a few bases over there is it same for the REME?

Go and ask at your AFCO, they will anwers your questions instead of you using up the bandwidth here. Alternatively, Google is apparently a useful tool for searching for information.

And you can get posted anywhere and everywhere, but depending on your trade you may get posted to a Battalion, of which two are in Germany, one in Northern Ireland and the rest in the UK.

And as Sparky said, if you would have either spoke to your AFCO, or looked on the army website you would already know this ;)


Whats the point of the REME forum if all you get is sarcastic comments back at you,if its a banter thread then fair enough but if its ppl asking genuine questions then why be such cocks? Ive read and posted myself and to be honest theres some proper noshbags who post on here. I thought it was a useful tool to use to ask the wider REME community about advice, knowledge, experiences but really its full of ......arrses who just say use Google, do some legwork etc etc
Looks like you are doing some cutting & pasting on a favourite personal quote (fella), and don't you think you've fallen into doing the same thing you've attacked others for?

Edited cos I'm pissed & can't spell at the best of times!
Steven my "advice" is for this guy to go to the AFCO who are the subject matter experts in dealing with these things. They may also be able to answer questions which fall out from the answers that he gets. This saves him posting a new question each time.
To me it looks like you're the self righteous one. No doubt your reply will be awe inspiring


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An LAD anywhere, more likely the back of beyond.
I think it depends what job you do in the REME, I passed selection with an A and am hoping to get a place as an aircraft tech. but I no its competive for places, They said I'd be posted mainly in England, But theres postings in Germany and Canada.
as an aircraft tech your postings are limited compared to say, a vehicle mechanic who can be posted anywhere there is soldiers with vehicles! consider other trades even if the pass mark is lower!
good luck
Just about any (British) army unit around the world has REME attached to it. So.........just about anywhere!!

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