Were The People Of Hartlepool So Wrong?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Markintime, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. The good people of Hartlepool have long been the butt of jokes after their forebears hung a ships monkey mistaking it for a French spy.
    With the French seeking to re-examine the history of the Battle of Agincourt perhaps we ourselves ought to pause to reconsider our ridicule of the people of Hartlepool.
    The monkey was French, it came off a ship wrecked French ship and it was male and inedible. On that basis alone the good townsfolk were quite right to hang the scrounging, over compensated, self righteous, self important, rebate grabbing surrender monkey. They burn our sheep we hang their Monkeys.
    Now having absolved the townsfolk of Hartlepool we find ourselves still having to revile them as stupid inbred fcukwits without a functioning neurone between them because they elected Mandy Mandelson and that, quite frankly is dummer than the monkey hanging.

  2. as far as i,m concerned anything french needs fcuking hanging. :x
  3. They must be thick, if they keep volunteering to be Europe's Battlefield !
  4. Good point about Mandy. It will be intersting to see how long he keeps this job, the bent little c*cksucker!
  5. probably not very long given his latest "get it in the open before some other fatherless does" revelation re sweet rich Oleg the Ogliarch.

    How in the name of fcuk did this fraudulent cheating scumbag get himself enobled....................... Forgot, the toerag bought it from his leader.

  6. Hartlepool shouldn't be knocked. It was/is the home town of the only nymphomaniac I've ever met. Mandy? I was going to say that no self-respecting queer would ever.....but then I realised. Edited to say that said nympho was definitely, and I mean definitely of the girlie kind. And bloody tiring too. Never wish for one of them, unless you have tireless energy.
  7. Hang on they really are dumb over the river in 'Pools' they elected a monkey as Mayor for fecks sake, well a man dressed in a monkey outfit!!!!
  8. The privilege of winning a war is that you get the opportunity to re-write history if you want to.

    That's why our immediate continental cousins haven't been able to since 1066.
  9. It was a choice of a man in a monkey suit or a monkey in a mans suit (the liebour candidate that the central party imposed on us).

    Chimpchoker - Hartlepool born and (in)bred :D