were the old canvas SAS issue pouches ever ally?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by RAPPLEBY2000, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. :?
    were the old canvas SAS issue pouches ever ally?
    I'm genuinely not sure, but I remember it was proper Gucci gear when I was in the TA early 90's, when we were all still issued 58" I know 44" water bottle pouches still are.

    if so is my set ally-ish? or is it now too old to be ally?

    (its all genuine, PLCE buckle, 58 yoke/belt, I've done loads of mods) it now even has a drop loop 58" compass pouch.
    (I know stupid place for 58" water bottle pouch, looking for something more suitable, like an ammo pouch :roll: )

    Please give me a slap if I've tried too hard :oops: :wink:.
  2. Are you an 80's re-enactor! Ammo pouches very ally at the time, although needed velco on the closure instead of those stupid fiddly tabs!
  3. SAS?
  4. Take the yoke off and add a couple more kidney pouches (one for your baby wipes) and then you'd be approaching 1980's Ally.
  5. Christ, how fat are you?
  6. ?
  7. Stand by for that slap ya freekin weirdo! Even the TA dont use 58 shite do they?

    Are you ACF?
  8. I always found drop drop pouches to be to "bouncy" when tabbing around the place, they tended to flap about a bit to much for my liking. Unless you bungeed then together or had then sewn up.

    And folks, remember, just cos "they" used once upon a time it dosent mean is SASSSSSSSSSSSSSS issue only. A lot of the regiment came in bringing ideas from there own line regiments, who had been doing it for donkeys years.
  9. Don't forget your Rodox!

    As I understand it the STANAG ammo pouches in 58 go for a fair whack on ebay.
  10. i miss my 58 :(

    and the plastic waterproofs

    actually no i don.t, i ******* hated it, especially when it pissed down and everything got ten times heavier. ..
  11. you been marking your airsoft maps on that table fella?
  12. Good Heavens! Is that an Ercol drop-leaf oval dining table? That's well ally. And get that green shite off it, you might scratch it.
  13. How do you use a bergan with yoke?
    Like you said hammy, there were different ways.
    Belt should be made from quick releace heavy drop straps,
    and making your own pouches out of camp bed flaps, that was ally. :D
  14. I have got a belt order in my loft which consists of those ammo pouches, 44 water bottle holder, the larger pouch for the mess tin (which is lined with grey waterproof "stuff") and a 58 water bottle pouch. The shoulder straps aren't 58 though, they were bought from Silvermans (I think they were described as genuine "SAS"-issue).

    That's all I used (with a Cyclos Roc) until about 1999. Now, I just put a small hold-all in the back of the hire car.
  15. [​IMG]

    Love the Karibiner. whats it for? :p