Were the incredible shrinking party, says Labour contender

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Greg Husrt, Political Correspondent
    # 'Blair turned us into virtual reality'
    # Decline slowing counters chairman
    Disillusion with Labour is now so great that the party is losing a member every 20 minutes, a candidate for the Labour deputy leadership has claimed.

    John Cruddas, the only candidate from outside the Cabinet to stand for the post, suggested that the party would have no members in less than a decade if it kept losing them at the same rate.


    :roll: Mmmm..I wonder why??... :roll:
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Long may it continue!
  3. He got it wrong then, unless the Beeb did when they suggested it was going to be in 2023
  4. What are you talking about Sven? You cannot puncture this 'anti bliar rumour' as its from an official Labour source.
  5. Newsnight did a peice on this just before Christmas - as a throwaway ending they worked out that the last Labour member would hand in his card in 2023.

    I think Cruddas must have poached his material from the BBC
  6. A political party has no more guaranteed right to an existence than I have a right to a job for life.

    The Labourtory party, whether it wears a red or a blue rosette either becomes representative of those who put them there or it dies as it's members haemorrhage away to any party it believes will represent their views!

    If the unedifying spectacle of one or two BNP Members of Parliament sitting on the green benches does not serve as a wake up call to the Conserverlabourtives on both sides of the House then I do not know what will!
  7. You believe that the BNP represent the majority of the country with their policies of

    Banning muslims from flying

    Funding Residential and Care Homes by pulling out of the EU

    Idiotic school policies

    Abolishing Income tax???

    Ludicrous cultural policies

    Personally I think that if Griffen came out with these policies in a real political fight then the general publilc would fall about laughing
  8. You are not entitled to attribute to me a statement I have not made being a conclusion arrived at from a non-existent premise. It is a non-sequitur:


    If you are going to controvert an argument you will need to first ensure that one exists for you to controvert and not one you choose to unilaterally construct and attribute to me.

    Is that clear?!
  9. Actually I posed a question but left off the final puctuation by mistake - for that I apologise. I take it You don't think that the BNP represent the majority with policies like these??? Or ever will???
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    Get the feeling that you are moving the subject off the original post and subject which is no more than I would expect of you.

    Do you disagree that the subject title quote is

    1. from one of your own, someone running for high office in the Labour Party?
    2. telling an uncomfortable truth and
    3. a subject that you don't want to discuss

    as for once the Labour spin can't deny it? Or is the poor man just delusional??
  11. Sven: your post proves once again that you are a trolling cnut, and claiming that you forgot to add a question mark to your original post changes nothing.

    It is crystal clear from Iolis's post that he does not support the BNP. Only a cnut like yourself would jump on the statement

    "one or two BNP Members of Parliament "

    thinking that it meant support of both the BNP, and thinking that they represent the majority of the country. I thought a party would have to generate 300+ seats in the House of Commons to have a majority, or, if a party managed to generate majority support in every area then would get 100% of the seats.

    And BTW, Iolis also called the possibility of one or two BNP MPs as an "unedifying spectacle" - why don't you get a dictionary and find out what this means?

    Now be a good little troll and go back under your bridge.
  12. Or perhaps his statement "has been taken out of context" ? :D
  13. The concern I have is that Political Partys in decline will offer up even more reasons why the public purse should support them. If they don't have enough critical mass to support them, why should my taxes?

    This is why I have very little issue with the "cash for honours" debate - as long as you know where the money is coming from, and can make your vote casting decisions accordingly, do you care?

    The Labour Party for many years was in the pockets of the Unions. The Tory party in the pockets of big business.

    You voted accordingly.
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Off thread but regardless I'm not going to start a new thread for it. Some of those BNP policies seem downright reasonable.

    Not sure what they've got against school canteens or homosexuality but generally it seems OK.

    And then I remember that its the thin edge of the wedge. And my blood runs cold.
  15. Just reacting to the post. As to Your points

    1 Not one of mine, but Yes, about some bod running for Labour high office

    2 Yes, a very uncomfortable truth for the Labour Party - the Lib Dems might do quite well out of it though.

    3. I am more than ready to discuss most things - I thought I had done when I suggested that Cruddas "poached his material".