Were sorry we took your kid, but you cant have him back!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. The Times reports that a child who was unneccesarily taken in to care (and then fostered out) will NEVER be reunited with his true mum.

    On the grounds he has been fostered and has gone too far down the road. He doesn't know who his real mum is, and was in distress when he spent just one night with her.

    Social Services have fcuked up big time on this one, and while I don't usually condone obscene amounts of compensation I suggest they pull their finger out on this one.

    And the arrseholes who took the kids in the first place, and made an innocent mother have only 1 1/2 hours suppervised access a month with the children need to crawl to her door step and beg forgiveness.

    After that, her whole family need help to restabilise and bring hte "wayward stray" home. I suggest the "SS" mobilise on that one

    I am going to assume though, the "SS" are better at steaming in, kack handed than sorting out their own fcuk up. The mother will be left with a shattered family, which will go down the pan without massive help, and the "SS" involved will just crack on destroying another family through negligence and incompetetance.

    This idiotic shambles of a service need a sort out, and stop the insane methods of medical "experts" so called, destroying families with their theories.
  2. The mind boggles. Is this just another example of the nanny state interfering to meet Government targets and to hell with the families?
  3. If all Social Workers were Grandparents, there would not be half the problems in familes today!

    How can a 24 year old graduate know what is right and applying 'Common Sence' to each and every case? All they know is some of the books they have read and hounded by government targets to place children, what confidence does this bring to the issue?

    It should be an individual response to the very individual issue in each case.
  4. My bold. Read between mammoth sessions on the p1ss, and whilst trying to get rid of acne and virginity.
  5. Sadly social workers tend to be a bunch of numpties with no idea of what goes on in the real world, other than their own self importance.

    There are many stories of them deliberatly coming to their own opinions and using the shield of "in the childs interest" to cover themselves. The secret trials are an abomination on the country. It is NOT British Justice.

    More stories here.

    These social workers need finding and putting out of a job. They continued to heap misery on a family, despite the judges opinion on the matter. They decided that they were above teh judge, jury and they were also the executioner.

    As for Adoption being the end to the mothers/families rights. That needs addressing. The child is theirs by genes and biology. The child is the adoptive parents by law. If the law makes a mistake, then genes and biology wins. The child should be returned to the family that was unfairly treated.


    The 56 year old who helped his WIFE to hide from the "SS" was given 16 months for abduction (of his WIFE) how much would a mugger receive now adays?


    This article shows the true idiocy at large in our Social Services.

    A grandfather jailed for NOT AVOIDING HIS GRANDSON. The SS decided that their "care plan" was being undermined by the grandparents, despite the fact that the child was alwasy running to them and calling htem.

    Sounds like their "care plan" was a crock of sh1t, and they didn't like the fact that this fact was getting air time.

    The grandfather has been sent to prison for nearly two years. These would be our over filled prisons.

  6. And looky Government targets again. A government intent on micro manageing fcuking up the country.

    Surely the way ahead is to keep the family together, providing the child is safe.