Were SAS smocks ever issued in olive green ?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ex-ta, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    A question for you historians out there.

    I read somewhere that the SAS were issued with windproof smocks the same as DPM smocks but in olive green rather than DPM back in the 1970's

    I have found a seller on EBAY with loads of SAS smocks in green BUT with taped buttons which are not exactly 70's ?

    I am not referring to the wartime smocks etc but an SAS smock in the same design as the "smock, windproof, artic" but in olive green as opposed to DPM.

    Any opinions ?

    What should I look for on the label to check if genuine MOD kit ?
  2. I think SASS made some in olive green back in the `90s but I could be mistaken.
  3. I saw one once on one of them in a sandy colour around the time of the Gulf 1990-1ish.

  4. I know there are a few companies that make copies of sas type smocks in olive green / other colours but I was thinking about genuine issued kit.
  5. IIRC "SAS" smocks were never issued or manufactured in any colour. The Troopers cast an eye around the QM dept for what was available and took the standard windproof smock issued for Arctic operations and simply removed the wire from the hood and the rank slides from the front and rear.

    Thus modified they became known as "Sas-smocks" "sas -windproofs" etc.

    If you want to check the legitimacy of the item ask the seller to send you a picture of the label with the size/description/NSN on.

    There should be a standard MoD clothing lable just beneath the collar on the inside with the following or similar words

    Size 180/104
    Contract Number :abc1234xyz
    And then the washing/care instructions.

    If the seller can't/won't show you the label; or at least tell you the info on it then you have someone walting it big style. Don't forget that if the seller is UK-based then the Sale of Goods Act applies; ie goods must be fit for purpose; as described; not mis-represented etc. If they are selling on Ebay then report them; ebay takes fraud & mis-selling very seriously.
  6. I've not seen an OG smock with a full length zip on issue, but I'm not the 22 QM! It's possible small quantities were made as specials, 'deniable ops' (oooh!) and all that.

    There was a green smock in the WWII pullover style. SASS did make OG windproofs, and probably still do. Take care with ebay 'SAS Smocks' they're rarely what they seem.
  7. Dodgy smock link

    If this is what you're looking at then it looks like the standard Field Jacket but in Olive drab. I've never known anything truly Hereford Gun Club with a rank slide on the front. It looks like the sort of thing that would be great for fishing or walking the dog or doing a bit of building or other hard outdoor work but without the fact that its DPM!

    A lot of sellers put "para commando SAS" in the title because it brings punters to the site. As for the originality of these items; ask to see the label...
  8. Is the ebay seller called army agent?

    If so the Smock is not Genuine Issue.

    However it is a very good quality copy. I bought one for 20 quid and use it regularly when walking my dogs.

    The seller also does DPM ones which are also good quality copies.... Well FOR £20 i'm happy with mine!
  12. I have see one of the smocks that army agent sells on ebay - definately not issue kit !


    This seller is offering a green sas smock. Looks t be the pattern before they started putting those zipped pckets on the chest.

    BUT it has modern buttons as opposed to the old sewn on ones. Which would indicate it was not 70's issue ?

    What I really need is a quartermaster or better still an SAS quartermaster to reveal all !!
  13. In 1970, the HALO /HALO trials were well advanced. SCRDE (Service Clothing Research Development E(?) ) then based at Colchester, were tasked to produced suitable clothing for the free fall teams ie one piece, double zipper coverall and a canvas overboot which covered the then issue DMS model.
    There were other items of course, goggles, helmet, a face protection mask balaclava thinggie etc.

    I recall being issued with a OG smock of the pull over the head variety, modelled I believe on the '50's disruptive pattern type but without the matching leggings. I also had a 'sand' coloured version as well.

    I did see several OG smocks around this period but as my memory is, I cannot recall if these were R&D models or on general issue.
  14. Anything like this (in the middle)?

    Sorry very old photo. The smock had four patch, buttoned pockets, draw-cord at the hem and neck, no wire in the hood and elasticated sleeve cuffs.


    I've only ever seen khaki and OG (both of which faded quickly with washing).