Were No.1

Can't be bothered to dig up the old thread that dealt with this, but I thought you should all be made aware that Google just threw up the Arrsepedia entry as the first port of call for a search for "mongs".


Well done all.
Few, if any, members of Arrse are 'homophobic,women-hating, disability- ridiculing, racist bullies'. It is simply 'squaddy humour'. Don't be so pious. Just because we can laugh at anything and everything doesn't mean that we are as bad as you make out. Most Arrse members are fine, upstanding members of the military community. They put themselves out to help others. (Check some of the threads asking for advice). Many Arrse members spend time and effort raising money for charities helping the very people you state we hate. Grow up and have a look at yourself, and get a sense of humour!!!

Posted by The Leggy One on March 16, 2006 02:35 PM.
Aww bless their little cotton socks!
Don't know, but it's a real word:
Vagantes: (Zool.) A tribe of spiders, comprising some of those which take their prey in a web, but which also frequently run with agility, and chase and seize their prey.

Doesn't sound like a nice person.
Apparently theres a skiffing calendar for 2006?

Is it a Kathy West + Nutella one?

Tried skiffing in google.

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