Were mobiles allowed on deployment?

Is it just me or is anybody else aware that on the huge deployment that has been made, mobile phones have in fact been taken my some men?

I believe that there are no charges being brought (AS ORGINALLY THREATENED NUMEROUS TIMES) and that they are being controlled centrally?

Is it fair that they have changed the rules half way through? Have they changed the rules? Or is it just an urban myth?
Not with you I'm afraid.....

Charges as in money - or as in discipline?

Fail to see how the MoD could control them....they won't be controlling mine that's for sure....
Well we were told in various briefings that there were to be no phones brought out and that there would be disciplinary procedures in place for those who did bring them.

I really don't know what to make of it. But lets face it, even if people have been desperate enough to bring them out there, are they going to be able to recharge them? I can't seem them nipping to Tesco to get top up cards either...

I would love to speak to my nearest and dearest and hope those who have been lucky enough to do so enjoy every moment anyway.

But mobiles - in theatre? :-[

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