were is the best place to locate purcshase right hand drive salvage cars in germany

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by applesalvage, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. and what do i need to know in regards to de reg cert. And would vat have to be paid once registered. I already know about mobile.de autoscout.24 ebay .de any others would be appreciated
  2. thanks but i already knew of that one i am really interested in buying the cars when they get smashed and written off by the squadies also do you know what paperwork i would need in order to bring back to the uk and register vehicles
  3. er !! dont forget quite a few serving military staff drive left hand drive cars,
    also those that get clobbered by sqauddies, well I must admit they tend to do a very good job
    speed limits in germany are higher distances greater etc
    by the time you factor in transport costs all the poxy paperwork and then finding you have been stiffed, it may not work out worth while
    I have a friend who buys adn refurbishes accident damage cars, he says you must inspect them personnaly and listen to them running and try to find out a bit about the accident, after all lots of people who have fairly major accidents tend to have them for a reason and the cars were not always in good nick to start with
    a better way to buy one is to attend a local auction on behalf of the inland revenue, these are usually cars reposssed by the tax man or his collector in liue of unpaid duty or where companies have gone tits up
    but beware lots fo these flash harry types who big themselves up tend to be a bit sparse when it comes to maintenance and servicing
    my daughter works for an auctioneers, last year they had a porsche in that was repod
    sounded good, so I wandered along for a look
    totally fucked
    no maintenance, lots of accident damage chips wheels etc
    it went for a couple of grand no more
    the engine would not even turn over
    but you need to beat the dealers selling them, many of them buy from the insurance companies and will have there own mark up on the deal often 50 to 100 percent
  4. i was told that the cars that are smash you can buy off the squaddies direct your friend who buys accedent damage is that in germany and these tax auctions are they also in germany
  5. sorry I am having trouble reading your writing
    is english not your first language ? or are you a teenager ? I can never understand them
    first of all very few squaddies will be selling you a car directly, after the accident the german police get involved, it gets towed !! they dont want wrecked cars on the base , although our military bases are in Germany they must comply with the road traffic act in that country
    either you have been watching a TV programme and been given ideas ( they are all made up) or some one is pulling your leg
    most of my friends who have served in the Army have had cars that I would not have wanted before an accident, they tend to abuse them
    my friend does not buy cars from another country, as I said he examines each one, the reason being is that motor dealers by nature are all lazy bastards and tell big lies
    he buys cars from this country
    and the auctions are over here
    I am not telling you where my daughter works as that breaks a confidence and she has enough idiots to deal with in the working day
    read your local papers and look for disposal auctions, or ask the inland revenue in your area who they use to sell of claimed vehicles
    here is one for a start
    Page Title
    inspect the vehicle yourself
    some times they will have had new registrations
    and new locks fitted
    another option is to buy ex police or ex british transport vehicles usually hammered but half tidy
    ( west oxfordshire motor auctions)
    register it in your name
    clean the paintwork up to hide marks from stickers
    repalce tatty trim from service use with stuff from the scrappie
    then re sell it a while later and no one unless they have a brain will notice the previous owner was the old bill
    if the do bullshit them to heaven and back about how its got a special tuned engine ( not)
    make soem dosh and your a dealer
    dont ask me how I know that trick !!!
    ps you pay cash or bank transfer plus premium at point of sale, adn if you are mental enough to buy a van VAT on top
    and you must have insurance before driving away, adn in the case of an ex police vehicle an MOT booked as they are MOT exempt in service (althoug some forces who lease mot them before sale)
  6. thanks for the advice but i have brought cars from germany before who previous owner was in the army and they was low mileage what does sobag mean to you
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    I think you've missed the point... Due to the almost totally illiterate first post you made and the frankly not much better responses you've come up with since, you haven't had a single serious reply on this thread. Shame you don't even realise it. Top tip - no-one will take you seriously in business if you can't express what you actually need in grown up sentences.
  8. point taken onboard thanks
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    You really really do NOT want to post that number here....