Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Sargint_Stimpy, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. Were do RAC recruits do their selection?? is it Perbright??
  2. mate you do selection wherever your region is, im from the south east so i did mine in pirbright. when you do selection you are there with people from all the other job choices, there is no specific selection course for the RAC. Where are you from and what RAC regt you going for?
  3. im south east to, hopefully Queens Royals Hussars.
  4. And this straight after a thread about people not using the search function?

    Pretty weak attempt at a wah if you ask me.
  5. Ya iv just noticed thanks anyway lol
  6. good on you mate, yes you will go to pirbright. you got any ties to the regiment? i would suggest going for one that recruits from around your area, you are much more likely to get it apparently. good luck, do your best, and try to avoid the Gurkha officer like the plauge, he interviewed me and i couldnt get a word! nice bloke, well meaning, i just only understood when he stood up to shake my hand and give me the certificate
  7. You can't choose who interviews you.
  8. I know mate, sorry just a crap wind up, sorry i didnt make it clearer :wink:
  9. the recruitment area is close to my home town of Portsmouth so i should have chance :\\
  10. try 2rtr mate, bit closer to home i think
  11. i will. i really want to work on challangers.

  12. me too mate, 2rtr is always going to be working on armour, its got much less poncy officers as well. have a look at the RTR site on www.army.mod.uk
  13. Can you not speak English?
  14. Not the best speller either.
  15. leave the poor lad alone, his dyslexia isnt funny *giggle*.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.