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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Al_PacinO, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Well I'm going to the AFCO soon. Im planning joining the REME just wondering what I should expect and how long it will take for me to start training and what test I will need to do.
  2. Straight off the army website, hope it helped :thumleft:
  3. I'd err on the side of 6 months.

    Apparently, my ACIO is a quick one - and I've been in the cogs now for 5 weeks and have only just got to the stage where I handed in my RG8 (medical form) yesterday.

    Just realised, exactly a week ago I was doing my BARB :thumright:
  4. Then, juxt when you think you have 3 months left to get fit in, they 'phone you up and say"you start next tuesday". Happened to me-ok it was 20 years ago but things haven't changed that much.
  5. heh, aye I've been warned about that from various people ;)

    Still happens apparently. :shakefist:
  6. I started a week ago and have already sat my barb, If all goes smoothly, depending on the trade I choose i could be looking at 6weeks.
  7. Thread to share were you are with it all, comments on it etc.

    Currently, im awaiting interview dates, then onto phase 1!
  8. Currently awaiting to see if my initial application gets accepted, got some convictions and stuff...so tad anxious about it at the mo, will hopefully find out this week sometime fingers crossed. My 2nd time round ...left after basic 5 years ago..im hoping this wont be frowned upon too much.

  9. Applied back in April, did interviews, BARB tests, basic skills assessment, and all that nonsense in May. Went to ADSC Glencorse mid June, got deferred(heart murmur), then back again mid July and passed, now Ive got my Oath of allegiance this Thursday and start Phase 1 Pirbright on November 17th. So from application to training has taken me over 6 months.
  10. F***ing ages then, i hope mine wont take that long, i found a list of intake dates for the coldstreamers to it shouldn't hopefully, good luck with phase 1, not long now! what are you doing?
  11. Well i've done my barb test (May 08) and audition (Jan 08) for the music corps but i've been defered. Its very frustrating and annoying especailly as its my dentists fault.
  12. First went in 4 months ago. Completed barb n app form etc. Had to wait 2 months for the doc forms. Passed pre medical now ive got to go to Chepstow Barracs on the 15th of November for an insight course.

    Not too fussed about it taking so long as the AAC arnt taking on until April '09.
  13. Yea i reckon 6 months is longer than most...mind you, I was told by my recruiting sergeant that next intake would probably be January 09' so I was pleasantly surprised. Im going RMP, you?
  14. nice thread mate , I was thinking of making the same thread , this morning.

    Anyway, I'm waiting for basic training which is on 1/3/09 ... Just trying not to get injured and keeping at the training.

    Joining the rifles ,Swift and bold.
  15. Applied Mid August, Had Barb & Basic Skills Beginning of september. Passed Pre-Medical, got invited to an insight course & was awaiting date, in the midst of that got my ADSC booked for 6th November at Lichfield then found out the insight course was on 6th November lol but i don't mind. Hopefully i'll pass first time and if so will be starting basic in Catterick January time for 2 R Anglian, The Poachers.
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