We're all in it together, (NOT).


This annoyed me a bit. Outrage bus trip anyone?


What would you drink if you were on £150k a year?

Red Stripe? Lambrini?
It's ok, looking at the delivery guy who is picking his nose, they got it tax free from a booze cruise on Calais.

Do you think Cameron said get it delivered to no.11 so no one notices.
Yeah, dustbin diving jumped up nevercome down again snot gobbling fat munter civvy git.
3123 said:
As it is he drinks loads of fizzy wine and wanks off with an orange in his mouth whilst a hooker folds him into a duffle bag, and then he probably farts on a fiver...
Normal for a Tory MP, surely?
By the time you've paid for there Moet you can't afford to drink

Why don't you fuck off out and sell your leathery clunge?
fucks sakes..it's only tescos best in a fancy box! I used to have a bottleof blue label that I kept topped up with co-op's cheapest vodka and no-one noticed. we used to have Card gamel every Friday and everyone thought they was drinking blue label. silly bastids!
Deleted due to sounding up one's own arrse.
Are you single?
All im saying is earning £150K isn't all it's cracked up to be. A guy earning £45k a year takes home £33k a year so losses £12K a year. A guy earning £150k a year takes home £90k a year so looses £60K a year the guy earning £150K also pays a higher rate for his pension therefore reducing take home by a fair bit again.
Simply a tongue n cheek comment about the Moet.
And yea im sure the £150k guy enjoys a good standard of living with some delicious meals
There you are all getting excited over nothing. The chav is obvio lost and asking for directions. If you look again the truck hasn't got boxes marked product of Bolivia, nor is the chav a black hooker, in a leather basque and with thigh length boots. And a can't see a single three-penny bit anywhere in the picky.

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