Were all going to Hell!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dingerr, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Personally i don't think it applies to me, but some of you left footers might start to worry!

    Mortal Sins
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    How the f.. does social injustice get in there? More monumentally idiotic touchly feely crap.
  3. Be careful now. You'll start another war in N. Ireland 8O
  4. Isn't it oxymoronic to make "Excessive wealth" a mortal sin?

    More importantly, is oxmoronic even a word?
  5. Is this for the guy who served with the forces of Adolf in WWII?

    I luv forgiveness....
  6. still nothing about banging choir-boys then??
  7. If it isn't, it should be.
    And you are right, when Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic church
    he found he had the support of most of his subjects.

    The quote below was taken from:


    How did the people of England react to this? In fact, the vast bulk of the population were very angry at the way the Roman Catholic Church had used them as a source of money. To get married you had to pay; to get a child baptised (which you needed to be if you were to go to Heaven - so the Catholic Church preached) you had to pay; you even had to pay the Church to bury someone on their land (which you had to do as your soul could only go to Heaven if you were buried on Holy Ground). Therefore, the Catholic Church was very wealthy while many poor remained just that….poor. Their money was going to the Catholic Church. Therefore, there were no great protests throughout the land as many felt that Henry would ease up on taking money from them. Henry knew of the Catholic Church’s unpopularity and, therefore, used this to his advantage.

    And now the left footers say it's a mortal sin for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer.
    In that case the Pope had better open up the Vatican bank vaults and do some re-distribution of wealth, otherwise he's going to be sat on the next fire to me sharing my poker in the afterlife.
  8. And I thought it was only the Church of England that had immersed itself in this crap. Count the leftie shibboleths: being rich and successful is bad, and that old "poor are getting poorer" claptrap. Bollocks! The poor are richer than they have ever been!

    My list of sins would include: being a self-righteous left-wing twat; environmentalism; saying "well, that might be true, but I still feel..."; being HARDMAN476
  9. Excessive wealth is now a sin, OK but where does that leave His Holiness and the rest of the Vatican?
  10. Being HARDMONG isn't a sin. It's a punishment...
  11. My thoughts exactly Murph.
  12. Hopefully impaled arrse first on a trident!!
  13. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    He didn't mention speeding
  14. Sparky, please correct me if I am mistaken. Isn`t "oxmoronic" the male version of stupid cow?
  15. I particularly like the Mortal Sin of Excessive Wealth.

    Reknowned for being poor is the Catholic Church. Oh no that's right it isn't!