We're all going to die...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 1stgulfmac, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. So why are old people wearing coats, hats, scarves and gloves still....?
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  2. It's called Circulatory Disease,just pray you don't get it (if you live long enough).
  3. I would have thought the trousers fastened at the sternum would sort out all circulatory problems a bit like a pilot's G-suit.
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  4. Do you mean Circulatory Disorder? No mention of heat here?

    What are the causes of Circulatory Disorders?

    There are many causes of circulatory problems. They can be classified into 5 groups: traumatic, compressive, occlusive, tumors/malformations and vasospastic (spasm of the artery, which reduces its diameter and thus its blood flow). Circulatory problems may occur more commonly in individuals with certain diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, or kidney failure, or in dialysis patients. Occupational exposure (vibrating tools, cold) can be a factor, and smoking also can aggravate and cause circulatory disease.
  5. See thats the problem first bit of sun and the Met Office have to go and spoil it all, they are just upset they got this summers predictions wrong.

    However if you have a look at the Met they are saying the media reported a briefing they gave incorrectly and they did not predict 10 years of wet summers.

    No prediction for a ‘decade of washouts’ | Met Office News Blog

    All in all sounds like long range weather prediction is still useless, the Met Office is not for for purpose and they have not learnt a thing from Micheal Fish.

    BBC weather blooper by Michael Fish storm of 1987 - YouTube
  6. Shock horror its hot in the summer......
    In other news, bear seen shitting in a wood.

    Southern shandy drinking poofs.


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  7. What a bunch of screaming Marys, will we all have to wear hi-vis vests?
    As well as the usual nannying stuff that people feel obliged to spout these days ('Take some water with you if you go out'), a Met Office spokesman also said that the deaths associated with the 2002 heatwave were not soley caused by people spontaneously combusting but stuff like air pollution and ill-advised wild swimming trips.
    We've all got to die of something- might as well be because it's a nice day.
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  8. "The trigger temperatures that will see local plans put into action to protect those susceptible to the heat vary depending on where you live.

    In north-east England it is 28C, in Wales 30C and in London 32C. The night-time trigger temperatures vary from 15C to 18C".

    This suggests Northern softies. ;-)
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  9. Nothern England Softies. There other parts of the Kingdom (for the moment) further north.
  10. How on earth did the human race ever get this far without all these gobshite, know it all, interfering government and quango types spouting the bleeding obvious for our "own good"?

    On the radio news just now - it's hot, try and stay cool, drink fluids if you are hot...

    Well duh...

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  11. Is it hot enough for a bit of crash pot cooking?Are little men in yellow robes bursting into flames yet?
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