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We're all fucked then

I'm only surprised that the Secret Service didn't collar the movie maker who created that film about the assassination of George W. Bush. "Death of a President" I believe it was called. I didn't see it myself, but it was very partisan I was told. The Secret Service takes threats to the life of the President very seriously.

We need to get rid of this Bozo in the White House, but let's do it legally by ballot.

End of an Error.jpg
ARRSE posters probably do draw the attention of the MI5, Mi6, GCHQ, CIA, NSA occasionaly..... maybe all those posting in the NAAFI Forum triggers alarm bells and flashing lights on the computers at GCHQ and the NSA....

Matron tells me I shouldn't worry about this.... just keep taking the meds... and going down the Pub at midday for a liquid lunch...


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