We're about to compete for the Rugby world Cup - GET EXCITED

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by El_Pato, Nov 21, 2003.

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  1. We are soooo close to being the best in the world at something other than war, and no one is getting excited. I'm practically shitting myself with excitement! 15 hrs to go. I can't sleep, eat, sit still etc.

    Come on England lets fcuking wipe the floor with them.
  2. that might be because we know what we are like....... always getting close then fcuking it up somehow :roll:

    i do hope we win thou :wink:
  3. Not looking forward to Sunday though.

    I have to start drinking at 0830 in the morning, watch England stuff the kangaroo molesters and then drink some more, followed by drinking some more then going to a football match at 1730 where some more will be drunk followed by leaving the football and carrying on the motion until I pass out. :D
  4. And you will be drinking coke?? :p

  5. World Cup ? Rugby ? That finished on Thursday according to all my Kiwi mates. John Mitchell, the All Blacks coach returned to NZ yesterday to the news he has to 'reapply for his job' (Translation - Don't call us we will call you.)

    I will have a look to see if they run the final tonight on TV or replace it with a rerun of Groundhog Day.
  6. should be some interesting comments from auntie stella on arrse tomorrow then :lol:
  7. Well done the boys!

    A great victory, thoroughly well deserved and a hard-fought, nailbitingly close match.

    Wait for all the sour grapes from the Aussies now!!!!
  8. about bloody time too ! we have been waiting all this time for it :D

    just what the doctor ordered for England :wink:
  9. It's 1745hrs, and I've been out since 11am. Excellent result, followed by a pub lunch and enough lager and cider to wet the bed tonight ! WELL DONE ENGOLAND !!
  10. WHAT A GAME! Real pleased it was Jonny with the last kick. Stick that in the Oz newspapers. Brilliant :D
  11. Bet you don't wet de bed.
  12. BASTARDS!!!

    Nah, I was amazed Australia made it into the final considering how crap they'd been playing....although I was well chuffed to see them screw the sheep-shagging Kiwi's!

    Well done England, thank f*ck we dont have to listen to drunken tw*ts singing 'sweet chariot' anymore, they've all buggered off home! :D
  13. Back to watching Kath and Kim ya Austrafcuckinfailian

    Two words........... Bledisloe cup [​IMG]

    It's all part of the All Blacks plan for 2007 (honest)

    Besides I thought you would be watching Aussie Rules ...all those men in tight shorts

  14. Scottish by birth, Australian by residence :p

    Tight shorts? I can't say I noticed...however I DID notice the Kiwi's wearing bloody lycra while playing....its Rugby, NOT Ballet!
  15. interesting on viewing though :roll: