Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by uksharpshooter, May 16, 2009.

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  1. Hey was having a conversation with my cousin today just wanted some one to clear it up threw basic you get issued with sa80 lsw but do you also get a 9mm pistol aswell light infantry and on operations aswell i did search could not find any thing . i no most prob in wrong place and will appologise now thanks
  2. Hopefully you'll be issued with a mess Webley, for crimes against literacy, punctuation and the laws of nature!
  3. Now now, don't you know. All the best 'sharpshooter's' are rubbish with literacy and punctuation. :D
  4. i havent got a clue what your asking
  5. it was done on the quick and didnt think this was a english lesson so didnt put to much effort into it
  6. You get one for sure, remember to place the end that goes bang in your mouth. That's the safe way of unloading! I promise.
  7. excatly i want to be a soldier that fights on the front line not one sits behind a desk not excatly gona hurt the taliban or who ever by throwing words at them am i lol well maybe by the way there miss spelt
  8. funny
  9. Is the local ACF recruiting?
  10. For fucks sake, the Taliban, despite deliberate oppression of literacy and education, have greater English language skills that you do!

    Please, learn to communicate in some recognisable form of language or fecking do one!
  11. you are going to love the hours of admin at catterick..... you get an SA80, get to grips with that before you ask for anything else.
  12. I cant tell if this is one of those "faux-wah's" that people try every now and again.
  13. Well, thank-you.
  14. Dont you mean than ??? see evey one can do it mistakes are made!! never mind
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.